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  1. ambnille

    UMMC Accelerated BSN GPA

    I'm finishing up pre-reqs this year and applying to the UMMC A-BSN program in the fall. Can some accepted students or graduates tell me which mattered more: GPA or ACT? Was it sort of the same? I have a 25 on the ACT, but my GPA makes me nervous. My GPA at MGCCC was 3.7, but my GPA from my previous degree was a 3.0. Together, I think it's a 3.34. I've been finishing pre-reqs at Holmes CC, and my GPA is a 4.0 if Statistics doesn't ruin that for me (as of midterms, I have a B in the class). Getting really nervous because I'm quitting my office job to pursue prereqs full-time with little to no savings, and I'd hate to throw all of it away by not getting accepted. I do plan on applying to the Spring start ADN program at Hinds CC as a backup.