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  1. Michelle05

    Health Promotion Help

    Try http://www.healthypeople.gov. It's the main website for the dept of health & human services' initiative "Healthy People 2010". It has information on current health and wellness goals, and should have lots of links to information about various health promotion projects and suggestions. Good luck, Michelle
  2. Michelle05

    Any nurses with an Anthropology background out there?

    I have a BA and MA in Anthropology, and am currently in a bachelor's program in nursing. My master's was in physical anthropology, and the in depth study of human anatomy that I got through that program has really helped me in nursing school so far. I took a lot of cultural anthro as an undergrad, and in general, I think that provides you with a wonderful perspective for relating to your patients, and helping you to see things through their eyes. I really love anthropology as a field and as a paradigm, and I wouldn't trade what I learned for anything. Unfortunately, a degree in anthropology isn't necessarily as marketable, jobwise, as anthropology professors may lead you to believe! :) But if you're looking to take some classes to supplement a planned career in nursing, I would definitely say go for it. You should look into the work of Madeleine Leininger, the founder of Transcultural Nursing. Her background is in psychiatric nursing and anthropology, and she was the first nurse to be trained specifically in anthropology. I wrote a paper on her last semester, and found her ideas to be a very interesting blend of nursing and anthropology. This should start you off in the right direction: http://www.madeleine-leininger.com/ http://www.tcns.org/ Good Luck! Michelle
  3. Michelle05

    BSN vs. BS, major in Nursing??

    Thanks for explaining that to me! Now I can cross it off my list of things to worry about! Michelle
  4. Michelle05

    BSN vs. BS, major in Nursing??

    Hi, Can someone tell me if there is a difference between getting a BSN, and getting a BS with a major in Nursing? The school I've been accepted to offers the latter. Is there a difference in course requirements, accreditation, or in the types of jobs you can get? I feel like job ads I've seen request a BSN, but I wasn't sure if these two terms are interchangable or if I'd be missing out on opportunities by getting a BS with a major in Nursing, instead of a BSN. Thanks in advance, Michelle
  5. Michelle05

    Anyone Required To Take ERI?

    I have been accepted to start a BSN program in the fall. I took gross anatomy as a part of a master's degree program six years ago. Instead of making me take the A/P I & II pre-requisite, my school is going to let me (make me?) take an ERI Anatomy & Physiology test. They told me it was 90 questions, and it covers "human anatomy and physiology", but that's about it. Can anyone here tell me what I'm in for?? Are there published study guides that exist? I went to the ERI website, the same people who make the NET test I took, but I can't seem to find anything specific to this test. Is it the same as the RN-CAP stuff they talk about? Is it a specific test, or does it sound like I'm just going to be taking a portion of this atrocious test y'all are talking about? Thanks in advance! Michelle