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  1. I'm a newly licensed RN applying for my first job. Thx!!
  2. redsky5

    Practice in another state than where I tested

    thanks so much for this info!!
  3. I currently live in Texas and am a RN graduate. I have already paid for the Texas (NCLEX) and Pearson view sitting fee. My grades and affidavit have been submitted to the Texas BON and I should receive my (ATT) code in about 2 weeks. As soon as I take the test and get licensed I will be moving to Florida where I plan to obtain my 1st job. I would have applied to take my test in FL but since I already paid for the fees in Texas I do not want to delay the process in getting my license. What do I have to do to practice in FL. I have heard that FL is not a compact state. If anyone knows what I need to do to get licensed or be able to practice in FL please let me know. Thanks in advance!