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  1. tiniyah

    Anyone have any experience with Southwest Miss CC?

    I will not waist my time with southwest if I was you, apply to other colleges like Arkansas state, other surrounding areas. I have friends who score 125 on nln test and still did not get in and have to pay for the test each time you want to take test. Arkansas state have great program at Midsouth community college must have CNA certification and take hesiA2 exam. The hesi A2 is very simple and easy
  2. tiniyah

    Arkansas State HESI A2 Entrance Exam

    Study ratio and proportion , adding, sub, divi, mult fraction , division, percentages, know the conversion chart. Please purchase the evolve hesi A2 practice....you will pass. vocabulary study website call Townsend press learning center and all vocabulary On quizlet containing to hesi a2 vocabulary, and reading is too easy.
  3. tiniyah

    Hesi a2

    Anyone taking hesi a2 for Arkansas state or Midsouth community college for RN program in Ar...if study all the math problems in evolve book, you will pass. Learn all the math problems, ratios and proportion, division, conversion chart, (google conversion chart for nursing students) [PDF] conversion chart revised....it is great chart to study from and it it very helpful for test and throughout nursing school. Study all add, subtracting, division, multiply, fraction, military time, percentage problems. Vocabulary study all vocabulary on quizlet listed under hesi a2 exams and great website called Townsend press learning center and iphone app called knowji 10 grade level, I promise if you study this you will score high and the reading is too easy
  4. tiniyah

    tips for pharmacology & nutrition

    phillips community has great nursing program......do anyone know of any nursings tutor in memphis tn area..