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Carolina Southpaw has 18 years experience and specializes in ED, PACU, PreOp, Cardiac.

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  1. You Don't Know You're . . . Beautiful?

    Dear Been there, Done that, Your statement is true. This is why we all need to learn how business is driven and get involved. To All, The fact is, as much as we love our profession, we do require a paycheck for it, right? We have to help make the ch...
  2. Will taking time off harm my career?

    The bottom line is-you are still a nurse, no matter how long you take off whether for fun, for kids, for family illness! There are times in our lives that we have to make choices. Will this possibly make it more difficult to get a job? Sure, maybe de...
  3. Advice needed: handling employee complaints

    Response: To Laurie52, I understand your concern. I would ask that you consider that managers are not there all the time in every part of the unit. It has to be everyone's job to hold each other accountable for the standards and culture of the unit. ...
  4. Advice for a potential second career male nurse?

    I agree with much of what has already been said. I would like to share that within nursing, there are so many opportunities for work doing so many different kinds of things! Just about any job that you can think of whether IT, writing, teaching, mana...
  5. Break the Silence: Report Bullying

    With all you have said, I think you do have enough clear-cut evidence to go to HR. This should protect your anonymity and if she is on thin ice with her upper mgr, this may be exactly what they need to help her out the door! Collect up the emails, if...
  6. Disrespectful

    I believe many hospitals will not survive the new payor system and will close or be bought up by larger systems. The facilities that do remain will be full and probably overcrowded. I know that it is not unusual for elective and non-emergent surgerie...
  7. Been over a month..

    I can tell you that there are huge lag times with decisions being made and internal moves. If they wanted to reject you outright, they would have. There are probably things going on behind the scenes. I would keep applying to other places and jobs th...
  8. Calling manager back after a interview, checking status of position

    I would reintroduce myself and remind him that he had asked me to call him back today. I would then be silent and wait for whatever information he wanted to give or ask. (really hard for me to be silent, but I would make myself!) If told they haven't...
  9. How to be confident without appearing arrogant

    I haven't read the book by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, but she is on the TED channel giving a speech. The posts after talk about how it is a refresher for her book. It was an interesting perspective.
  10. wow! Microbiology online! Hard to imagine how to do the lab work online! I guess the main thing to learn though is the identification and one could do that from pics online. I must say I don't use a microscope much in my nursing role. ;0) Although, a...
  11. Fort Lauderdale,FL-RN Evening Classes

    Broward College has a great nursing program with very strong clinical experiences. There should be pre-req classes available at alternative times. I know there was years ago when I went there. I am finishing my MSN at WGU and loved that program. I do...
  12. Food in the ER

    My first eye opening experience with abuse of the system was a patient that called medic to bring him to the ED at 0200 because his hangnail which had been bothering him for 2 weeks just had to be taken care of right that minute! When he was assessed...
  13. Discharging Patients on Holidays?

    Rarely are meds supplied by the hospital. This only occurs when there is not insurance coverage and it is cheaper to give the patient the meds to be able to discharge them than it is to keep them in the hospital.
  14. Wow....just wow

    I thought I would want to get rid of those calls too. I was so wrong. I haven't spoken to her every single week. We skip here and there. Overall though, even when I think there is nothing she can tell me, I find out that there is. Of course, it is al...
  15. WGU writes: RN-BSN in 6 months is a rumor, not do-able

    To Skoolrn: exactly! working ahead and plan with your mentor. Of course, I didn't go through the new program. But this still good advice.