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  1. ChickaBoom

    University of South Alabama BSN-DNP Spring 2018

    Hi there! I'm just about finished with my application for the Summer 2018 AGAC-NP program at USA. Nice to meet you!
  2. ChickaBoom

    August 2015 Caption Contest. Win $100!

    "No, you cannot call him Hogar!"
  3. ChickaBoom

    Help, I hate Vomit - Can I still be a nurse??

    I don't mind emesis at all. The sight, sound, or smell really have no effect on me. My superpower ends there though - I lose it all at the sight of hair or sputum caught in the drain. And needles. How can I be a nurse and have a fear of needles, you ask? I play on the side of very cautious and explain to my patients why I'm so cautious (so they don't take it personally). Most patients are receptive and agree that they are also afraid of needles. Same with the nauseous patient - they definitely don't want to be vomiting and also don't like the sight, smell, or sound, so they appreciate that it probably can get to other people, too. We're all human and I think they find comfort in nurses that show that. :)
  4. ChickaBoom

    Calling all non-traditional nursing students!!!

    To direw0lf: I decided to go back to school because my previous job as an accountant / collector put me in touch with people in various stages of the healthcare spectrum and it really sparked an interest in healthcare overall. That, and as a previous corporate / desk- and cubicle-based worker, I was tired of sitting down and being overlooked because I would rather help a person than make a difference in the overall profit margins of the company. I was told I felt too much, so I found a career where this will be a benefit. And scrubs and nursing shoes are so much more comfortable than suits and heels.
  5. ChickaBoom

    New grad starting in the CVICU

    I love this and I can't even express why.
  6. ChickaBoom

    4 Weeks Of Freedom

    I'm also starting the final semester of my BSN on August 24th and I'm so excited! I can't wait to get back into school and the everyday hustle and bustle... 40 days off is nice, but when you're still trying to save up tuition and have nothing to do but sit at home, you go a little stir crazy. Luckily, I invested in two NCLEX books and have been studying my notes, so I'm leisurely getting prepared.
  7. ChickaBoom

    Com'on, you got one...What is your heart wrenching moment?

    I can't bear to read any more of these today, but I think you guys are amazing for everything you've experienced. I'm trying not to cry as i read these, since I have a reputation for being the crier... that's OK, I have sensitive heartstrings. But these are helping me to get ready to control myself on the floor, so thank you for sharing!
  8. ChickaBoom

    Calling all non-traditional nursing students!!!

    I'm a nontraditional student going in to finish my final semester of a BSN program. 33, married, but no kids. Still very hard to balance out home and family life - especially when i compare my routine to everyone else's in my class (all but one are not married, first time in school, and under 23 or so...). Completely different life perspectives but I still try to be social and make friends... But then I get tired and go home to get some sleep. Lol, so it'd be nice to know of other students like me. :)
  9. ChickaBoom

    This week, I have learned..... (8/1)

    I have learned that: 1) I do not know how to relax, like, at all. On summer break before my next semester of school and I'm writing my resume and studying NCLEX questions for fun. 2) I love baking way too much. And putting veggies into baked goods can be very easy and the are well-hidden! 3) My husband will (most likely) never change his habits into healthier ones and will (most likely) always choose an easier / quicker fix over a permanent / harder one. ("Yes, I'm overweight with severe apnea, but I won't eat ANY vegetables at all or start a walking / exercise program, just get me a CPAP machine like my friend has." "Ok, do you want his other health issues, too?") 4) I'm a lonely person and I don't have many friends aside from my parents / sisters / husband. I just don't know how to keep people around. 5) I love going out to breakfast with my dad and I'm thankful every day that he's still with us. 6) I may have been lying to myself about not having a motherly yearning. 7) I'm very passionate about being proactive about one's health. (But I still don't nag my husband...)
  10. ChickaBoom

    Disgusting Icky Stickies: Nurse Protect Yourself

    I love this whole thing! I am a student and I often get (nicely) teased about being a germaphobe by fellow students because I insist on wearing gloves and following hygiene protocols to a tee. But the germs are seriously something that needs to be considered - especially when they have the ability to affect those we love at home. I already keep my hospital shoes out of the house, but this article has pointed out how much better I could protect my home. I will definitely be doing the trunk thing from this point on. It only takes a second, after all, to change your shoes. I've also been thinking about getting some eye covers / goggles to go over my glasses for irrigations and dressing changes since there is always the possibility of splashback, especially when using the little saline flushes. In the OR, those are readily available and encouraged, but they seem to get a bad rap on the floor...
  11. I love love love Cardiac - but what part of the Cardiac process I want to be in is still a big question for me. I absolutely fell in love with ICU during my rotation there (because of the protocols, technology, and teamwork), but I also fell in love with the OR (even though I was not in a Cardiac-centered OR and was more observing than taking on a nursing role, which means I got to see more of the surgeries themselves than the nurse, who was notating and getting supplies, etc). I, like many who have responded previously, loved the NICU, but I also love the adult population (especially the older adult) and love having patients I can talk to. And it's good advice to ask the nurse you're with during your rotation day why s/he chose to do what s/he does. I ask everyone that. My favorite answer so far was that they had to decide whether they liked their patients talking or not. This can go for whether you're choosing between babies and bigger people or OR and non-OR, so it's pretty good advice to get things narrowed down. lol
  12. ChickaBoom

    The All-Important Preceptorship Question

    llg - Thank you for your insight and information in your reply. It made a lot of sense. I down-played my passion / area of concentration in the original post. I apologize for that. I actually really would like to specialize in Cardiac nursing after school - but so many people have told me that it's next to impossible to get to work in the unit I'd like to work in (OHICU). So since I know the OHICU is pretty much unattainable as a new grad, but I love Cardiac, would you say it would be best to focus on a general ICU (for exposure to drips and vents) or a telemetry floor (to get more experience with heart strips) or a SICU (for experience with post-op patients)? That's where I'm having trouble, so any input you have would be appreciated! :) Also, I've been looking at grad school because I know I want to further my education so that I can be knowledgeable about the Adult-Gero population and have the extra specialization in cardiac care (I would like to some day be involved in education (of new nurses) while also doing bedside care and I need at least an MSN to do that in this area). From the research I've been doing on graduate programs, it seems that you can specialize but specialty programs aren't available everywhere. Most of the MSN programs I've found are either Adult-Gero Acute or Adult-Gero Primary or Peds or Mental Health, but only some of the MSN programs have a specialty beyond that. Say if I wanted to work in Cardiac for the Adult-Gero Acute Care population, I could get the MSN for the Adult-Gero Acute Care at a number of universities but the Cardiac specialization at only a few. And you're right that I'm probably jumping into this faster than I should. The reason why is because I'm a non-traditional student and I waited way too long to go back to school to finish my degree this time, so I don't want to get caught up in the current and find myself another 10-15 years down the road still waiting to follow my dreams. I keep feeling the need to get everything done like yesterday. MLSTTS2015 - You bring up a good point - I hadn't looked at it from the perspective of getting the most bang for my buck. I know there are some units that I will never have a chance at getting a job in directly out of school, but my wild side says I should dare to dream and try those areas out to see if they are really what I want. The more grounded side of me says to keep an eye on the prize - finding employment after graduation. Since I usually listen to the cautious side, it is good to see that others who follow that have seen positive results. :)
  13. Hi everyone! About ready to be a senior nursing student and I'm wondering how people chose where to do their preceptorship (or, if you couldn't choose, where you would have gone if you had a choice and why?)? There are so many different things I'm interested in that I'm having a hard time narrowing it down. I'm also trying to get myself together to start studying for my GRE and applying to grad schools, so having some insight into how others chose their path would really help me narrow down my own choices. (And does anyone have experience with online MSN or BSN-to-DNP programs?) Thank you! :)
  14. ChickaBoom

    FGCU Spring 2014 applicants

    Sorry to hear that, guys! Don't give up!
  15. ChickaBoom

    FGCU Spring 2014 applicants

    Sorry - didn't mean to post it twice.
  16. ChickaBoom

    FGCU Spring 2014 applicants

    I got my letter today, too! Accepted as long as I finish the courses I'm enrolled in! So excited!