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  1. CallMeRN

    RN Grad starting pay at St. John Macomb

    Hello mb9272, I used to work for the SJP system (quit last year) and I can tell you that the starting pay is around 26 something. That's on par with all the hospitals in the area. I can also tell you that nurse tech experience won't increase your starting pay. They have a set new grad starting pay. You can also try and negotiate though.
  2. CallMeRN

    st.john oakland?

    I can answer your questions as I am a nurse in the SJPHS. 1. It is two separate hospitals. St.John Oakland is located on Dequindre. St John Macomb is on hoover. I don't know why the site says otherwise. 2. Nursing staff are not union there. None of SJPHS nurses are union. The ancillary staff are. They are TouchPoint I think. They consist of food service, maintenance and things like that. No actual care providers are union. If you have any more questions I would be glad to help.
  3. CallMeRN

    Henry Ford Hospital?

    First, congrats on finishing up. I know it was a battle. Henry Ford is a pretty good hospital. I would recommend mid-surg then ER. It will be easier to get in. HFH is trying to become magnet do getting in with an ADN is very hard. DMC hospitals are also trying to be magnet. I heard from the ER manager personally who told me that she will not hire without a BSN. And this is with a personal connection. It will be hard to get in the major hospitals but it's. A challenge worth the fight.
  4. CallMeRN


    The number one thing you must have is patience. Also, apply to all of the hospitals, but not to every open position. Be care to look at the requirements. Hopefully you have a cover letter stating who you are, a brief education history and areas you are most interested in. These tips worked for me, and it took me 2 months after graduation to get 1 interview.
  5. CallMeRN

    Lutheran school of nursing in st.louis mo

    You can take some of them concurrently. The ones that can be taking with nursing classes are lifespan development, abnormal psych, and bio 2.
  6. CallMeRN

    Beaumont Graduate Nurse Residency Program

    Idk know if you are still inquiring but the way you get in is by applying to any clinical nurse I or II (make sure you read requirements). If you are interviewed, you are automatically placed into the program as a new grad. It's a year program. 10wks precepted with a nurse then your on your own. It's. A great program overall.
  7. CallMeRN

    Interview at beaumont

    Did they ever contact you?
  8. CallMeRN

    Taking NCLEX in MI, attended school out of state?

    No problem. I applied about 3 or 4 months before I graduated before the others so I'll be in the system. I had no delays in anything.
  9. CallMeRN

    Taking NCLEX in MI, attended school out of state?

    I was in the same situation a few months ago. It's actually very simple. Once you apply to get your license and get your fingerprints taken, MI will give you a control number. You can apply to Pearson whenever you want, just like your other classmates. After graduation, you have the school send your final transcript to the MI BON. Within 2wks, you will be emailed your ATT. Depends on the load they have. You will honestly see that you and your classmates will get authorization around the same time.
  10. CallMeRN

    MI BON: How long to post license # on LARA?

    Tell me about it. But it took mine about 4 business days to post.
  11. CallMeRN

    Lutheran school of nursing in st.louis mo

    You don't need to take it again. Just take the entrance exam. It's free.
  12. CallMeRN

    BSN. CNA? LVN? or RN. HELP

    I do know an RN that couldn't pass the boards so they challenged for the PN and succeeded. I think it wouldn't be difficult changing your thinking from RN to LPN due to different duties. But its possible.
  13. CallMeRN

    Lutheran School of Nursing

    Once completed, and you receive your license, all accredited (CCNE) schools accepts Lutheran credits. You would do the RN to BSN or even the RN to MSN program. And about employment, you can find a job with just the diploma. The hospitals require all nurses to have BSN in 2020 if they want magnet status, but that's a while away.
  14. CallMeRN

    Lutheran School of Nursing - How is the RN program?

    Hello, I am current student at LSN and let me tell you. Don't let the looks fool you. This school is not for slackers. It is an awesome program if you put forth the effort.