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SoCaliLVN is a CNA, LVN and specializes in Psych.

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  1. SoCaliLVN

    Grand Canyon University ABSN

    I will be calling when I get out of work Monday morning. I believe the only two classes I am short of are micro and the religious class. I am set to take micro in Jan and be done with it by mid Feb. I will have to take any religious classes through them but I am prepared to for any prerequisite requirement.
  2. SoCaliLVN

    Grand Canyon University ABSN

    I have been waiting to hear from this school as I am literally looking into ALL programs I can find in the U.S.. Is this school as competitive to apply as say, Azusa Pacifica? I am in San Diego and just looking at all my options.
  3. SoCaliLVN

    Nightingale College Fall 2020 Start

    Oh those stats are scary but I did do fairly well on my exit exam when I completed my VN program and passed NCLEX with minimal studying. Not that I wouldn't put in all my effort. I still need to complete Micro and I want to do O chem for APU app. I just don't want to limit my options as I am not as young as most. I appreciate the responses, thank you.
  4. SoCaliLVN

    Nightingale College Fall 2020 Start

    Hey everyone, I was looking into this school for their ABSN program. I am in San Diego and the options are so limited here. I requested more information from the school but d/t it being a holiday weekend I know I won't hear back for a couple of more days. I would like to know how difficult it was to get into this program? I do not mind traveling for clinicals. At this point I know better than to try and put all my eggs into one basket. I am just trying to look for a great fit in remote learning programs. I am a self-learner anyway, so this whole pandemic thing doesn't bother me in keeping me out of lectures. I hate sitting in classes. How is the cost compared to other schools? I heard Unitek was at about 100k (LVN to BSN) and then schools like Carrington and ICHS are both approx. 35K (those are ASN). But there are terrible reviews on ICHS and I am looking for a school that actually releases you to take the NCLEX. Not one that tries to trap you for multiple additional classes.
  5. SoCaliLVN

    Failed Nclex AGAIN!!!!! HELP!

    I have not taken the NCLEX so I cannot offer any advice on study material. Stay strong, rearrange test taking date as needed. Sending positive vibes.
  6. Have you tried agencies? I have read some have new grad programs. You can find a few on zip recruiter. I believe UNI (agency) does this for the county hospital Edgemoor.
  7. SoCaliLVN


    Littmann Cardio IV ... I have very poor hearing on my left side and this stethoscope is very clear. I am still learning sounds but it's nice to know I can hear something. Very much worth the money spent.
  8. SoCaliLVN

    SoCal ADN/BSN Recommendations? Low GPA

    Hi Keikozb, I just wanted to come in and tell you not to be discouraged. I am not sure where in SoCal you are but as far as your GPA it is not bad. Here in San Diego the chem class does not even count towards your total points for an ADN program. Science GPA is based on Anatomy, Physiology, and Micro, and the regular course GPA is based off English, Math, Psychology and/or Sociology, Child Development, Communication. Of course they also look at your TEAS score. I capitalized all the classes so they will stand out and you know what an associates program will consider. CSUs are a bit different but I'd say apply to every and all programs you are interested in after taking the teas. - Best of luck
  9. SoCaliLVN

    Is becoming an MA still worth it ?

    I am not sure where you are but here in San Diego, CA medical assistants are being phased out of clinic settings that are attached to hospitals. I know that is not true in all parts of the country so you really have to look at your market. LVNs will be taking the place of MAs in office and urgent care settings throughout the county for Sharp and Kaiser here.
  10. SoCaliLVN

    2018-2019 Student LPN Roll Call

    I start SWCCD LVN program (San Diego, CA) in August. Orientation is July 9th. Were the costs for books and what not very high for your schools?
  11. SoCaliLVN

    Brightwood College ADN April 2018

    Did they ever fix their accreditation issue? If I am not accepted into SWC LVN program I plan on applying at Brightwood.
  12. SoCaliLVN

    Southwestern LVN Fall 2018

    I am really hoping to hear something soon. I went in on Monday and they had applications to different programs all over the place. I could see that they had a lot to go through but I'm still anxious to find out if I'm getting in.
  13. SoCaliLVN

    Southwestern LVN Fall 2018

    I know they took a long time for the ADN program but hopefully they don't do the same for us. Considering that it starts in August i don't think they can. My concern is that I am currently in physio and so I am hoping they still consider me.
  14. SoCaliLVN

    Southwestern LVN Fall 2018

    I applied for Southwestern's LVN program back in February. I know today was the last day to apply up until 3pm. The program accepts students every 18 months so this is really my only hope as far as the LVN program. I don't want to wait until this fall to apply for the ADN program because #1 the program won't start until Fall of 2019, and #2 it is so highly competitive here in San Diego that I'm afraid I wouldn't qualify. I am currently in physiology right now so that is my concern because I technically turned in my application uncompleted. I'm still hoping to get in so maybe not as many students applied. 30 students are accepted into the program and I am not sure how many students actually apply for it since the majority apply for the ADN. Anyone else waiting to hear from Southwestern or have applied for one of their nursing programs in the past?
  15. SoCaliLVN

    Southwestern College ADN Fall 2018 Cohort

    Can I ask what your estimated points were? I have been following this thread (Congrats to those of you finally accepted!) and wanted to see where along the way I need to fall for SWC's ADN. I attended the workshop on Friday just to ask questions and was told SWC is now becoming more competitive as well.
  16. SoCaliLVN

    Southwestern College ADN Fall 2018 Cohort

    Currently I only applied for the LVN as I will be taking Micro over the summer. If for whatever reason I am not accepted into the LVN program I will try for the ADN. I was able to ace anatomy once I completed it but not sure how this new director will look at the withdraws.