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  1. kjordan5

    Maryville online FNP Spring 2015 start

    I found out a couple of weeks ago! If you get in let me know! I'm trying to find people to communicate with to make sure I'm not doing this completely on my own!
  2. kjordan5

    Maryville January 2015 start

    Hello! I am starting in January! I would like to make a facebook group for communication of some sort. I am not sure if one has been made yet.
  3. Hello all :) I am just wondering if anyone has done OU'S MSN-NP program application process recently. I am a 12/2013 BSN graduate from UCO, and I was wondering if I could get some opinions. I am wanting to apply to start in Summer 2015. I am currently working in a CCU with
  4. kjordan5

    University of Oklahoma HSC NP Program

    Hello! For all who were accepted, I just graduated Dec. 2013, I am wanting to apply to start Summer 2015. Do you guys have any suggestions? I also would like to know if you guys knew if they just looked at the last 60 GPA hours or the whole college GPA? Do you think applying without much experience will hurt me enough for them to not accept me? My GPA is around a 3.6 from UCO, but I went into nursing school with a 3.9, and it dropped throughout nursing school. Thanks for the help! Also, is it easier to get into the Tulsa program?
  5. kjordan5


    Hello! I am about to take my NCLEX in 2 weeks, and if anyone on here has already taken the new NCLEX, I would like to get some feedback. I have heard many people are getting ECG strips and tons of SATA questions, and also a ton of priority questions. I have gone to the Hurst Review and I am in the process of reading those materials. Is there anything else I should be doing? Thanks!
  6. kjordan5

    Oklahoma City New Grad Nurses

    Hello! I have been told starting pay for new grads is 18-19/hr for Mercy, Integris, St. Anthonys, etc, and about $20/hr for OU. Does anyone know the shift diffs for these hospitals? I am planning on working nights and weekends when first starting out to earn some extra starting $$$. Thanks!