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  1. shelly_030304

    How to transfer you DHA license to HAAD

    Hi...i would like to ask if u were able to transfer your dha to haad coz we have the same situation.thanks!
  2. shelly_030304

    How to transfer you DHA license to HAAD

    Hi there! I would like to ask if it is possible to convert mt DHA to HAAD license.i failed in Haad once but that time there was no data flow yet.Im confused coz some would say its possible while others would tell the other way.hope to hear from u....thanks!
  3. shelly_030304

    A Guide in Becoming a Nurse in Dubai

    Im an newbie here but I used to be a lurker. For Mr.RNRouge you post is very informative since I am also planning to go to UAE next month hopefully on a husband visa. Now I am waiting for my documents from UAE embassy for attestation and I was almost broke since I had all my documents from my Nursing school attested:rolleyes:.huh!!!! Im not sure if I will use all of it including my PRC certificate/license/board rating. I am also planning to take the MOH exam...anybody who knows what books to review?What score should I get to pass the 100 item test?Also can I get a job in nursing home even without a license although I have 4 years experience as RN in saudi? Hope to hear from you guys.
  4. shelly_030304

    When is the next MOH-UAE exam in the Philippines?

    Hi mcjcruz!! We are on the same boat.I too an exsaudi and unfortunately didnt pass Haad exam last June.Im also planning to retake this september and hopefully I can pass. Hope you are already working in UAE. Goodluck and God bless to all of us aspiring to work in UA!
  5. shelly_030304

    Pa license expired

    Hi everyone! I am a new member but I am not new here coz I always visit here & read threads. I have been reading several threads but I havent found an answer to satisfy my query that is why I posted hoping that anyone can give some insights. I got my NCLEX passed letter last 2007 and in the year 2010 I got a license from Pa thru endorsement of licensure thru examination which is from Ca.Pa license expred a year after and cannot renew since SSN is needed and Im here in the Phils.Now, my agency told me to endorse my license to NY instead so I can hold a valid license so US embassy will not deny me once my priority date is called (Priority Date July 2008). Im worried if it would it still be possible for NY for verify my license in Ca since its already expired? Thank you and good day everyone...