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  1. Ebony2013

    Travel Nursing

    I come for advice on a big decision. Although I have only been a nurse for 18 months, with prior experience as an ER medic for 7 years. I would like to start travel nursing. With a husband, a 14 year old, and a 3 year old at home, its kinda hard to up and leave. At the very least I would like to say that I tried traveling, even if I dont like it for the long haul. What scares me the most is I am some what the bread winner of the family, and I cover health insurance for my family. I just wanted to hear from others that have done this already. Any advice on getting affordable health coverage for the family? How does the housing work, and I am not going to be looking into craigslist for a temporary place? Thank you in advance for all the feedback.
  2. Ebony2013

    9 Newbie Nurse Mistakes to Avoid

    1) Not a funny post, but I had to learn as a newbie to really stop and pay attention to how drugs are packaged. Not everybody is prescribed 4mg of morphine so 2 mg is only 0.5mL. 2) Another thing is define tlc asking for help. Stop trying to be everywhere at once. 3) I'm in the ER so trying not to get in the habit of waiting to chart. Charting as you go will save you when those cardiac arrest or stroke alert pts come in on your "down time".
  3. Ebony2013

    Anxiety s/p NCLEX first attempt

    I just took my NCLEX for the first time. I was scheduled to take the test two weeks from now but I rescheduled for today. I gave in to the peer pressure of others which is never a good thing. The test shut off between 122 and 125 questions and I'm losing my mind. While I was taking the test I knew some of the questions where clearly on the easy side which i know was below the level and some very hard questions which went above level. I know the test is scored on a more above the level questions you answer. At such a random number of questions does that mean I passed or did the exam give up on me and figure I'm hopeless? Ive tried every trick out there but the Florida Board of Nursing is not telling me anything.
  4. Ebony2013

    Pinning ceremony

    I am so excited to be at this point of school. All my heard work and dedication is going to be rewarded with a beautiful night amongst the people I have struggled with and with my family. There's so much to plan for. So far my class has narrowed it down to wearing a white scrub dress (although we havent choosen exactly which design yet). I was wondering if anybody could give suggestions on where to buy shoes. We all want to match, and there are about 15 of us. We are looking for a white heel that is 1-2" high.
  5. Ebony2013

    Passing the last semester.

    I am in my last semester of my ADN program. We are taking Community health, leadership, and preceptorship. I am having a tough time with leadership. No matter how much I read this book and study the content I still seem to be missing something during testing time. I am worried because we only have a midterm and a final so if i mess up it will greatly impact my grade. Can anyone offer any advice on this topic?
  6. Ebony2013

    Going to med/surg!!!

    Okay so I finally passed fundamentals after the second try. The first grade was a 75.6 and a 76 is passing. The second time I barely got a B with 80%. I'm nervous about going to med surg. Can anyone offer advice on what I need to study or any pearls of wisdom. I'm very anxious to get into this and succeed. I want to know what it is to achieve an A. Side note a C is passing so a passing grade will be fine by me.
  7. Ebony2013

    Going to Keiser University

    I have finished all my pre req's. I passed my TEAS V for Keiser University. I am just waiting to have an interview with the dean of nursing in two weeks to know when I can start. Is anyone currently attending or already graduated from there? Can anyone give me any prior advice of what to expect from them? They said the waiting list is currently for April '14, but I may have a shot for January '14.
  8. Ebony2013

    There has to be an easier way....

    I agree ladies. I work as a medic in the ER and I see a lot of ADN new grads that cannot get a job after school. A lot of hospitals are looking for BSN these days. What ever you choose to do just make sure you do the research. Know the schools pass rate on the NCLEX, know what your area hospitals are looking for ADN or BSN. Really plan to have the time to dedicate to your major because being a nursing student can be the hardest job u have. Good luck
  9. After too many attempts, I finally passed the TEAS V placement test. I have my interview with the Dean of nursing in two weeks. I am very excited to start the program but I have so many questions. I also have a 3 month old baby. I am wondering if I am going to be able to handle the work load with working 3 night shifts a week. I am also wondering what I need to do to make a good impression at my interview. This can mean the difference between starting January or April of 2014. I need 3 professional references, what should they include? What can I do in the meantime to prepare? Anyone can help or give advice.