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  1. COVID-19 Testing

    Even though the CDC claims that facemasks are acceptable alternatives in this shortage, they also say that for specimen collections you have to use something at least as protective as an N95 respirator. A facemask is not enough protection. https://w...
  2. COVID-19 "Tylenol Test" T /F?

    This is so ridiculous. I hope the public doesn't get confused and think that this is accurate (there was that crazy email that claimed to be from Stanford a few weeks ago). Tylenol will reduce one's fever whether or not you have COVID-19.
  3. Seeking Volunteer tutor

    I think you're going to have a very hard time finding someone to tutor you for free. You might have better luck if you try to find a study buddy in your area who also needs to prepare for the NCLEX.
  4. Kicked out before even starting

    The OP's username used to be Confused Nurse. The OP has changed it to be within the terms and conditions of this website.
  5. Kicked out before even starting

    Yes, this is true. All the paperwork for hospitals must be turned in on time. For most schools (maybe all of them), if any of your requirements expire during the semester, you can't go to clinical and you might even fail the course. You should find ...
  6. Watches for Nursing Students

    I agree with the above poster, get a cheap watch. If it times out after 10 sec. you're going to have to tap it a lot and what if you're wearing gloves or your hands are dirty? It could be an inconvenience. Plus, if you have to touch the watch every t...
  7. ABSN vs ADN

    There's actually an interesting thread that was just started about the nursing shortage. Everyone has a different take on it. OP, you might enjoy reading it.
  8. How long does it take to get ADN including prerequisites, on average?

    There's typically a lot of pre-reqs (biology, anatomy, physiology, microbiology, english, math, etc.) and depending on how high of a GPA you need to be competitive for your school it can take a year or two to complete all of it. Also, BSN programs ha...
  9. ABSN vs ADN

    At $40,000 for an ABSN program, I'm thinking doing the ADN plus Bachelor's will be way cheaper. You can do the bachelor's once your working - assuming that you can get a job in your area. Are you open to relocating if necessary? Several online BSN pr...
  10. ABSN vs ADN

    Do you have your pre-reqs finished yet? An ADN degree is a good option because you can start working and then go on to get a bachelor's. However, some hospitals are really wanting BSN prepared nurses. It depends on your area. ABSN programs will also ...
  11. Less competitive schools in CA?

    Study hard and do your best on the TEAS. Do more volunteering so that you can qualify for extra points. Then, apply to every school that you're eligible for and see if you get in. Additionally, research and find out if any schools will allow you to r...
  12. How much does a new RN make?

    It depends on where you live. Try searching for the average RN pay for your area. You can compare that to the average radiation therapist pay in your area.
  13. How to become a RN in California

    Research the nursing school requirements for all the schools you are interested in. Some of the 4 year schools are no longer allowing transfer students and you have to start as a freshman at their school. Community colleges are a lot cheaper and many...
  14. Are there "easy" nursing schools to get into in California?

    That's a fairly good science GPA. I think you have a good chance of being accepted, but it all depends on the other applicants' scores. You can also apply to community colleges if you want to. Just make sure to apply to several schools.
  15. TEAS vs NCLEX easiness

    I haven't taken the NCLEX yet, but the TEAS is definitely easier! I think most of the TEAS exam is at a 7th or 8th grade level (like in English and Math). The NCLEX is pass/fail (except you do know how many questions it gave you - I think it ranges f...