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  1. Trust in Jesus

    COVID-19 Testing

    Even though the CDC claims that facemasks are acceptable alternatives in this shortage, they also say that for specimen collections you have to use something at least as protective as an N95 respirator. A facemask is not enough protection. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/php/guidance-evaluating-pui.html
  2. Trust in Jesus

    Kicked out before even starting

    The OP's username used to be Confused Nurse. The OP has changed it to be within the terms and conditions of this website.
  3. Trust in Jesus

    Kicked out before even starting

    Yes, this is true. All the paperwork for hospitals must be turned in on time. For most schools (maybe all of them), if any of your requirements expire during the semester, you can't go to clinical and you might even fail the course. You should find out if the school will extend you a spot in their next cohort or if you will have to reapply. I'm sorry this happened to you, but being on top of paperwork and assignments is considered your responsibility in nursing school. Your username says that you are a nurse. Are you an LVN? If you aren't a nurse yet, you need to change your username.
  4. Trust in Jesus

    Watches for Nursing Students

    I agree with the above poster, get a cheap watch. If it times out after 10 sec. you're going to have to tap it a lot and what if you're wearing gloves or your hands are dirty? It could be an inconvenience. Plus, if you have to touch the watch every time you use it, it could be an even bigger infection control risk than a regular watch.
  5. Trust in Jesus

    Pregnant and in nursing school

    As Horseshoe said above, there are lots of women that have been pregnant and still finished nursing school. I've seen nurses working on the floor when pregnant. It's not easy, but, of course, it can be done! The other option would be to contact your school and see if you can sit out this semester. I would try talking to your school and see if they can work with you to either postpone your schooling or find out if there are any ways they can support you during the semester.
  6. Trust in Jesus

    Anatomy Tips? Histology?

    Can you take pictures of the histology slides? I put the camera lens up to the microscope (with very careful positioning) and took pictures and then made flashcards on Quizlet.
  7. Trust in Jesus

    Difference in schools

    I don't know anything about these individual schools, but you could look up their NCLEX pass rates. If you are already accepted into a nursing school, I wouldn't change schools unless there is a big problem with your current school.
  8. Trust in Jesus

    How do you memorize / visualize for tests?

    Continue writing the words you are trying to memorize. I'm not sure what class you are in, but when I took anatomy I would write the term over and over on a piece of paper. This should help to build some sort of muscle memory with your hand and make it easier to recall and write it on the test.
  9. Trust in Jesus

    How much "faking" should a nursing student do?

    Instructors want their students to be confident, especially in front of patients. However, if you are unsure of a med you're giving or a skill you're doing always clarify with your instructor or nurse about it. People's lives are in our hands! You don't want to pretend you know what you're doing when you don't. That's going to lead to a mistake and could hurt/kill a patient. At the same time, if you act nervous in front of a patient they are going to be way more scared about the procedure. When you know what you are doing, but you are feeling nervous - this is when you can fake it. Sometimes I'll clarify in front of the patient by confidently asking my instructor something like, "We give this injection by pinching the skin, right?" This verifies that I'm doing it correctly and also shows the patient that I care about their safety. But this will backfire if you ask and the method you state is incorrect, so make sure you know your skills. :) If you completely forget how to do something ask your instructor about it before you go into the patient's room.
  10. Trust in Jesus

    Advice before starting 1st semester

    You can try to prepare yourself for nursing school, but it's probably not going to make a big difference (assuming you still remember the basics of your pre-reqs). It's not really the content in nursing school that makes it hard. It's the amount of content you have to learn in a very short time period. Nursing school take a lot of time out of your life and definitely requires time management (this is a good habit to work on). If you try to start studying early on you're going to be more tired when you actually start school. That's why everyone will tell you to relax before nursing school starts. Unless you have the material that your school specifically wants you to review/study ahead of time, just go ahead and let yourself relax and spend time with your family and friends. Find some easy recipes for lunches/dinners that you can make while in school. Nursing school will be here before you know it. Don't wear yourself out before you even begin. Congratulations on your acceptance to nursing school!
  11. Making flashcards can be really helpful. I separated them by prefixes, suffixes, and word roots/combining forms. I also used different colors for each type - prefixes - blue, suffixes - pink, etc. Don't put a single prefix or suffix on one flashcard. You will have way too many flashcards. Use each line on a flashcard for a new term.
  12. Your science GPA is awesome! Great work! You never know you might be accepted even with the low TEAS score. It all depends on who else applies. You should look into which schools will accept a second TEAS score and then decide whether to take it again or not. Make sure to study this time.
  13. Trust in Jesus

    "What type of nurse?"

    I get asked this question all the time! :) I tell people that I'm not exactly sure what area I want to work in, but that I'm excited to see what the different areas are like in nursing school. Sometimes I'll mention an area or two that I think I will like, but I don't know for sure since I've never been on the units.
  14. Trust in Jesus

    Best Flashcard app

    Quizlet should work - and it is free, unless you want to upgrade.
  15. Trust in Jesus

    Aleks:IS THERE A Proctored exam?

    I used Aleks math during high school and for some college credit. I'm not sure if you need to attend the school right away. I don't think you need to get enrolled, call the college and make sure. If they say it is fine, get an account with ALEKS and pay for the course. Then get an account with ACE. Complete the math course. On the ace account tell them that you completed the specific Aleks course. They will ask Aleks and make sure. During this time you still need an active account with Aleks. Once the course is approved with ace you get the credits. Then you can transfer them with the college. There isn't a proctored exam.
  16. Trust in Jesus


    Yes, that is right. Thanks for the responses.