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Makkiel has 10 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in MDS.

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  1. Makkiel

    Monitoring post IV ABT

    Thank You.
  2. Makkiel

    Monitoring post IV ABT

    I was trained that with MCA's who are only being skilled d/t daily IV ABT, that the last day of the IV ABT is the LCD. Someone told me today, that we can still skill for 2-4 days after the daily IV for S/S monitoring. I don't like the idea because I could potential extend every MCA for a few days d/t some type of 'monitoring'. In this particular case (post IV ABT), do you know if will result in, or be considered as, an overpayment situation?
  3. Makkiel

    MCA to Hospice / PP to Hospice

    TY Talino
  4. Makkiel

    MCA to Hospice / PP to Hospice

    Two Questions: 1) Have a MCA admitted to Hospice after day 7 ARD, so if I am applying the RAI guidelines correctly: I would do this assessment sequence; 5D - NPE - SCSA 2) Have a PP admitted to Hospice day after admission. Assessment sequence: Just the Admission (Comprehensive). I know that Admission assessments are not usually required unless peep is in building for 14 days, but in this case, the admission assessement is required d/t Hospice entry requiring some type of comprehensive? Thank You.
  5. I have worked 5 12's before, I have worked 18 days straight before (not all 12's), but I have not worked 5 12's for a year straight. I think it can be done, but you have to have the time to sleep, the personality and physical ability to do it. Also - like others have mentioned - depends on where you work. My FT time job - no way - corporate wont allow the OT anymore and the ratios are BS. My PT job - 5 12's would be ok considering the current conditions remain the same.
  6. Makkiel

    Hospitals / Corporations replacing nurses with...

    The concept "the customer is always right" has not worked well in any area. One of the greatest business concept mistakes ever crafted.
  7. I would suggest you keep going. Maybe you are at the wrong facility, the wrong type of nursing, etc. This is one of the reasons I chose nursing - it is so diverse. If I don't like one area/facility, or I am not good at an area/facility - I just find another. Maybe you just need more time to hit your groove there. I would suggest that you be intellectually honest in your self-reflections - so if you identify a problem you have - you cited retention - be honest and own it - which you did - and you also addressed the possible solution but showing up early and checking the charts etc. So it seems you are committed and honest. Just keep those going - and try different areas if necessary, but I would hang in there and keep going. And in the end, if you finally realize this area isn't for you - then try another type of nursing. As far as you co-workers - they don't matter. If they are isolating you, not liking you, I would consider it their loss (assuming you are a nice guy of course).
  8. Makkiel

    Unemployed for too long?

    Forgot to ask - when you say 'rejected' - does this mean not getting any interviews - or rejected post-interview?
  9. Makkiel

    Unemployed for too long?

    If you have not done so already, LTC? Or expand your work from home driving radius. Also - this takes time since you are new to the area - focus on networking - making friends, etc. Try to establish direct personal contacts concerning places you are interested in - nursing managers, etc. You may try stopping by the facility to see if you can briefly meet someone. Stop by every few months - just to 'touch base'. If you cant get someone in nursing, try someone in HR - whoever - just make those contacts and work em.
  10. Makkiel

    How many patients do you get on night duty?

    LTC - 7p-7a - 20-40 (includes rehab unit - though rehab is usually between 20-30).
  11. Makkiel

    Should I get a nice car as a new LPN/LVN?

    No, it would not look bad at all. In fact, you could use the new car to help other new grads. I think you should buy the car, and with the idea of helping others study harder, drive by new grads and tell them the car was given to you by the nursing school for being the best student they have ever had. So you see, this way, everyone wins & you have no conflict of interest with buying the new car.