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    Salary to expect as a new grad nurse

    Hi all new to posting here, just wanted to say that I had so many questions in regards to Carrie12's post about the Akron hospital that paid $26/hr and paid off her student loans. I am just about to take my first RN job in Akron and that is not what I've come across. I hope she along with anyone else can give some info. Sigh, I feel sort of underappreciated...granted I am a new nurse but $22/hr and that is with the differential for 7p-7a with no sign on bonus and no student loan help makes me so discouraged. I am told that this is the rate that all new RN's make at this particular hospital. :uhoh21: Anyone out there, how have your experiences been at Akron City/Summa? Akron General? Or even Akron Children's? I am really stressing about starting something now and would love your input. I feel like us newbies have to stick together so that we aren't taken advantage of! Thanks