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  1. Hi all! We just had a traveler with NovaPro finish up her contract in the unit, and she spoke highly of it and gave me the recruiter's card. I am wanting to know others' experiences with this company - good and/or bad.
  2. easy street - where is it?

    Kymmi - no offense taken. I totally agree with isn't fair to anyone involved, although I did put myself in this position. And it's so strange because as much as I come across as the nurse nobody wants and as much complaining as I do, I'm o...
  3. easy street - where is it?

    I can respect that. Everyone is different. A job to me is just a necessary evil...something I've gotta do (until the hubby makes enough so I can quit). It's just a pay check to me, and I want to do the bare minimum to get it. My life is so far ap...
  4. Do Real Nurses Work From Home? You Betcha!!

    Pam...I'm loving this idea of working from home. What kind of experience would I need to do this? How many years experience? Thanks!
  5. On-Set Movie Nursing Jobs

    Newnurse2008...what are the requirements to have such a job? What is the average length of this position? Pay? Thanks so much. Keep the info coming. I'm extremely interested! Thanks so much!
  6. Do Real Nurses Work From Home? You Betcha!!

    How do u work from home? I must know!! :)
  7. On-Set Movie Nursing Jobs

    I want to know more!! Very cool!
  8. easy street - where is it?

    This is what I'm looking for!! Easy, to me, is boring/sit-on-your-butt kinda stuff. See, I'm more of a thinker-type person...not a doer. Give me something to sit and think about for 12 hours, and I'm happy, but give me physical tasks, and I'm not ...
  9. easy street - where is it?

    Thanks so much to all for the advice. Kymmi, I agree that I should leave because my heart isn't in it, but my contract is unfortunately tied to work and if I leave I'd have to pay back a huuuge amount. I work in the PICU of a level 1 trauma center, b...
  10. easy street - where is it?

    Hi all. Please don't bash me for my way of thinking. I really need advice and help. I'm more than ready to leave nursing, but I can't for 2.5 more years because of a contract I signed. My husband wants to experience travel nursing, and I think this w...
  11. I HATE nursing! (long)

    thanks for the replies about the pre-op clinic. i may look into it...i've gotta get out of where i am. i just need to find something i can "put up with" for 2.5 more years. well said, nursemike. i'm all for nurses who really want to be nurses......
  12. I HATE nursing! (long)

    thank you for telling me this and really opening my eyes...this is what i need! i need help and suggestions. so...tell me about this pre-operative clinic. what is that, and what is the job description? is it known by any other names? what can i...
  13. I HATE nursing! (long)

    I just sat here and read every post in this thread...because it pertains to me. I thought my nursing school was bad, but it seems that it's the same no matter where you go. In nursing school, I would write notes to my (now) husband that would say, ...
  14. DNP required soon?

    If the debate here is about calling CRNAs "Doctor" based on the degree, I'm fine without that higher level of education and just being referred to as "Master"...yes, that has a nice ring to it :trout:
  15. Your Opinions/Suggestions Greatly Needed

    I have two semesters left before earning my BSN, and during these two semesters I have to write a thesis for Honors based on a topic of my choice. Since I plan to enter CRNA school in the future, I would like my topic to be career-related. I need y...