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  1. Urgent: In over my head...ICP Monitoring

    Esme12, Thanks so much for your help. My aunt is trying to rehabilitate from the damage the SAH did. She has had the flap repaired and has spent time in a rehab facility. She still has a tracheotomy but I think she's just about ready to have it re...
  2. Urgent: In over my head...ICP Monitoring

    Esme12, Thank you so much for your input, you are an ICU god. My motivation to use this as a teaching project was that a few months ago, my aunt had a subarachnoid hemorrhage. Following several procedures, they installed and ICP monitor with evd. ...
  3. Urgent: In over my head...ICP Monitoring

    I chose the topic of external intracranial monitoring and drainage devices as a teaching topic for my PN teaching project. I'm way over my head. I've spent hours trying to understand the nurses responsibility and how and why she levels, zero's out,...
  4. I am trying to create a care plan for a woman with both a rectal and uterine prolapse. She has had it for years, plus poor hygiene. She's obviously at risk for infection and impaired skin integrity and is incontinence. She has absolutely no desire...