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  1. this is why precisely we have a WHO surgical safety checklist that is mandatory around the world. it is not the question that the nurse did not perform her duty but also if the checklist was carried out, then wrong site surgery in this age is virtually impossible. saying that o0bviously, the surgeon was not a good team leader and obviously did not know his patient. did he/she consent???? if so, he/she should know better. this is definately not acceptable.
  2. fusionfire32

    Which specialty in the OR?

    i very much like neuro but at out facility we do not do any cardiac surgery. i do vascular though. and i like both. i am hoping to learn cvor someday. i do scrub and circulate both. both are interesting and challenging. money wise i think cvor pays more
  3. fusionfire32

    Death in the OR vs. ICU

    similar situation however, patient died on the table very sad for the family and very traumatic for me
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    i think it is very important to count all d and c instruments because we had an untoward incident at our hospital. surgeon was using dilator for holding the uterus antevert/retrovert for a lap case and whilst he was doing the procedure laproscopically, he did not remove the dilator and the intruments were not counted. the woman became very ill and intrument was removed at another facility. not a good experience for the patient, surgeon or the scrub involved. so i think that no matter what, all intruments need to be accounted for and double check with the surgeon if surgeon is performing the procedure on his/her own.
  5. fusionfire32

    Ok, newbieeeee here...:-)

    welcome to this forum. great to have an addition. roughly where abouts in uk are you based. i am based in greater london.
  6. fusionfire32

    Why are OR nurses frowned upon?

    i used to be a medical ward nurse and i was feeling a bit bored with repetition and thought i need to have a change. so i spoke to my very close friend who happens to be an educator from the university i graduated and this is what she said. my god, you are wasting your talent. you will get so bored over there. i dont think working in or is for you. so i did have doubts when i first started working in or. but now i can tell after nearly 3 years that i have never looked back at my decision. i am an or nurse through and through. i love the technology, i love the buzz, i love the fast pace and i love everything about this speciality. go for it. if you are not sure, take a chance. the worst will be that you dont like it but hey not a chance you too will love it
  7. fusionfire32

    Disorganized OR

    definitely helpful. we are starting this productive theatre programme in our theatres as well. everyone gives ideas so it is actually working because the ideas come from bottom up approach
  8. fusionfire32

    crisis of confidence

    hi ya, i understand how you feel. i was in a situation where some senior nurse tried to teach me old ways when i was brand new in or. i was moved to a different speciality after my induction period but i stuck to it. everyday i motivated myself and promised myself that nobody is going to crush my self respect, confidence and my morale. i took a lot of stress in the first few months because i was new. but one day i woke up and promised myself that i am not going to take crap from anyone. so i opened my big mouth and not agressively but assertively spoke to whoever was talking nonsense to me. i also remembered my role model say to me one day when i was training: you are not coming to work to make friends. some people may like you but equally some may not like you. you are here for patients and if you can do one good thing for the patient that day then you have fulfilled your obligation to your profession. so stay positive and dont give a damn about what others talk about you. they are having some insecurities about you and that is why they behave in such silly manner, learn to ignore and have a thick skin as canesduke suggested. best of luck.
  9. fusionfire32

    Has A Surgeon Ever Thrown An Instrument At You?

    here is my 2 cents. when i first joined the or, although i was scrubbing for some time then, this particular surgeon was having really bad temper and some people had hard time dealing with him. anyways, once i scrubbed with him to do a abdominal hysterectomy and he liked using roberts as clamps and not curved spencer wells. so we had opened 2 straight and 2 curved roberts for him. now it was me and the circulator who were having this conversation about how many straight and curved we had and he intercepted and said to me ' how many roberts do you have' and i replied that 2 curved and 2 straight. and dont know but something bothered him and he started shouting and screaming at me. and as i was relatively new to or, i had not come across such behavior and started trembling. so when he asked for mayo scissors i gave him mackindoe and i couldnot get a grip on myself. he started shouting more and got hold of the patient and screamed at me ' in a minute i am going to murder someone' making the situation even worse. however i did not get the courage to say anything to him but kept quiet and someone relieved me and i walked out of the or. for a year i kept ignoring him and not even saying hello to him good mornings. one day i turned round and said to him ' even after a year you expect me to smile at you and say hello when your behavior is very much out of line' you are very lucky that i did not report you otherwise you would have been out of this game long back. he appologised to me for his behavior in the end so i have let it rest
  10. fusionfire32

    how to be an or preceptor

    hi canesdukegirl, thanks a bunch. i want to work where there are good educational oppurtunities. however, i am scared that environment in us theatres/operating room is probably very different to what i am acustomed to. over here we have speciality theatres and each have a morning/afternoon/all day sessions. so each day we have a list of ops that need to be done for eg. on monday Surgeon A can have 2 laminectomies and maybe one craniotomy for eg. and so on. how is it over there? give me some idea of your working day. i would certainly appreciate that. thanks
  11. fusionfire32

    how to be an or preceptor

    what sort of course is available over there? is it distance learning?
  12. fusionfire32

    how to be an or preceptor

    thanks for your reply. ya i totally agree that a preceptee should have mentors for different speciality but i would like to add some more to this. there should be an overall preceptor to whom the preceptee can go to if they encounter some problems with different speciality preceptors (ideally) or at least that is what we have in my work place. we do have vigourous checks and assessments when we have student nurses or new grads/staff coming to or. in our area, student nurses learn to assist the anesthesist, work in pacu and also scrub so a lot to catchup with. but this gives them good idea of or nursing and students stay for 8 weeks on a stretch and work 37.5 hours as their clinical rotation. i have diverted myself from the subject here but it would be nice to know what you guys do. i am thinking of doing a proper assessor course which is a requirement if you want to climb up the ladder. hopefully i will get some more replies thanks again.
  13. fusionfire32

    how to be an or preceptor

    hi, just wondering. what sort of educational course one has to do to be a clinical assessor/preceptor/mentor in usa. i have been working in or for nearly 2 years over here in uk and over here we have to go through a mentoring course to be a mentor/preceptor. can anyone please give me some information because i am going to come to usa next year and work wise i need to know what will be the best route for me. should i do the course here or is there anything available over there??? just very confused. any guidance is greatly appreciated.
  14. fusionfire32

    making up hours

    hi i have been there done it. dont bother with brighton uni as they only link up with o'grady peyton. and that agency is ****. i did not go through that route. and the route i went through is closed unfortunately. do you know what you require? generally it is roughly 25 hours in theory and rougly 40 hours in practice. i had enough hours in practice but lacked in theory and i made it up quite easily with someone on this forum giving me directions. however you may want to contact your own uni who might be able to help. i also called my uni and the course leader for mental health and child health were happy to offer me theoretical hours. however each case is different. so may be your own uni can be a start point.
  15. fusionfire32

    differences between or nursing in usa and uk

    fantastic start. the core techs as you call it, over here we have porters who help with positioning, bed fetching, transporting patient before surgery, and also they sort out our supplies received from the suppliers and stock them. we also have a dedicated stock controller who ensures adequate stocks are ordered provided we have enough money.