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  1. Do Not Resuscitate - An Inconvenient Truth About Our Healthcare System

    As a NP I used to work with in hospice said “sometimes we are just prolonging their death”.
  2. Thinking about hospice nursing

    How long is the orientation. What will your caseload be. What is the on call requirement. What is the geographical area you will be covering. How well does the current hospice team work and get along together. There are other things but I hope this ...
  3. VITAS in DFW

    Oops; I must have been more tired than I thought. Here's the link: United States Files False Claims Act Lawsuit Against the Largest For-Profit Hospice Chain in the United States | OPA | Department of Justice
  4. VITAS in DFW

    Here's a link to a legal site with details of a major lawsuit against Vitas. Sounds like things haven't improved much.
  5. Taking home empty vials

    Not worth the risks. Be creative and find another way. Use other small glass bottles and hard, create/recreate the labels. Play around with it. Use a photo of the actual vials and collage it or cut them up and glue to a bottle at home. Have some fun...
  6. CPAP Pt

    Does this CPAP have a humidifier and is it at a setting that will not dry out and irritate the oral mucosa?
  7. Hospice in Hospitals

    Some do. Usually the pt has symptom mgt issues and they are a GIP pt which requires the pt to be in a 24/7 SN facility that meets certain requirements and that the hospice has a contract with to provide the 24/7 care along with a required daily visi...
  8. Endoscopy nursing to Hospice?

    Georgia, I don't think that your experience as an endoscopy nurse will ruin your chances to get a job as a hospice nurse. The issue may be that you have not had much experience giving end of life (EOL) care. That includes the psychosocial experience ...
  9. Jumping Frenchmen

    You can read about Miracle Mike the headless chicken. Mike the Headless Chicken - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I believe I have seen nurses in similar condition after certain shifts.
  10. I'm Done With Nursing.

    I also think you should consider hospice. But it also depends on the team you would be working with. I love the group of people I work with- warts and all.
  11. Nurses smoking weed?

    I replied that way bc I was truly worried that going to that link would put some sort of virus on my phone. I apologize for the kite remark. As for the tabloid remarks, I stand by my description of the website.
  12. Nurses smoking weed?

    Sherri64, That is one sketchy website in your post about mj deaths. And I'm not being cute. Nothing seemed real: not the picture, not the article, and it was surrounded by ads that made me want to use hand sanitizer ASAP. Not sure if you believe tha...
  13. Words You Hate

    Fagaceae is the botanical name of the Family of trees that includes the genus Quercus (Oak) as well as Fagus (Beech) and chestnuts. In old England to put a fagot on the fire meant to put a bundle of branches on the fire. The relationship of a cigaret...
  14. Words You Hate

    ... frog, spasmodic, and the far flung Isles of Langerhans". Name that reference if you can...
  15. Impaction question

    What do you mean by "stops tolerating"? So if there was nausea or vomiting, then there's a real risk for aspiration. And the GI tract may be in the process of shutting down if it's not getting adequate blood flow. What do you mean by constipation an...