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  1. Kate767

    ADN 2 years NICU experience

    Hello! I'm a NICU nurse with 2 years experience at a busy level III NICU. I will be finished with my BSN next summer. Will any NYC and area hospitals hire a candidate who has defined plans and is enrolled in a BSN program? If so, can you kindly suggest some. I have a bachelor's degree in biology as well. Thanks so much!!
  2. I have a hard time respecting a program where their commercials and billboard lead-in is always what the average nursing salary is, and their application process gives higher evaluation (based on a points system) for classes taken at their school. It's all about making money!
  3. Kate767

    My first job will be as an RN

    I know you said your were blessed not to have worked anywhere doing school, but I can't imagine not working anywhere. A summer job? The job market is so competitive, most people work some where doing school, if not full time. Single moms work full time during school and take of kids. The thing with young graduates is they have nothing to compare real adult stress to. I can't presume to know your situation, but take a job anywhere while you are applying for nursing jobs. It will show that you are responsible and that regular jobs are not beneath you. Good luck!