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  1. Step down unit

    I think becoming familiar with acute coronary syndrome, myocardial infarction, stroke - TIA topics will be helpfu. Know the causes, risk factors, treatments, because they will all be part of the core measures of care. You'll probably also come up aga...
  2. Finally decided to pursue Nursing, need advise

    I think you have to do the IELTS, then NCLEX, then CGFNS. CGFNS requires proof of your license and English proficiency. If I were you, I would grab myself a Med Surge book by Ignativicuous or some other equally good book that covers all the topics s...
  3. Mount Olive RN-BSN

    Heya, just registered for the May start date with Mount Olive University in NC - completely online - a little pricey - but I've got some education reimbursement from my employer. Has anyone else finished this program? I know its CCNE accredited, whi...
  4. Kaplan - they have it down to a science - and several of the questions had on the NCLEX were verbatim some of the questions I had in the Kaplan practice and qbank tests.
  5. First/Second Rapid Response

    Thanks guys - all really solid suggestions! I appreciate the input and encouragement!
  6. First/Second Rapid Response

    I'm in my 1st year as a new grad - I'm part of a really great nursing residency program and feel as thought I was prepared to transition to independent practice (I mean, as much as you can be prepared!). Like anyone I sometimes feel like I'm barely ...
  7. tn job offer template

    Heya! I just went through this process and basically need bifocals for all the researching I did on the internet . . . LOL If you can PM me I'll help you navigate your way through this!
  8. My Aching Feet: MBT Shoes to the Rescue

    Really? What kinds of s/s should I look for to know when its time to go?
  9. Okay so I've been searching for months (new grad, new job) for shoes that don't make my feet feel like they've been ambushed by sledge hammers by the end of the day. 14 hour days are grueling enough and my little feet are always screaming at me the ...
  10. I just graduated this year and also started my first nursing job this year. As a student my biggest challenge was the pressure associated with nursing school - it demands a significant amount of time and energy - and there was very seldom down time....
  11. Teas V?

    As far as I'm aware there are no calculators on the TEAS exam - you have to do your calculations on scrap paper. If you fail one section - you can't take just that section over again - you'll have to take the whole exam over again. Practice if you ...
  12. Efficient study tips for the teas test

    I studied for the TEAS by using the guide and going through it section by section - I don't recommend cramming into your head two weeks in advance - its familiarity with the material that will help you score well - which means you need to interact wi...
  13. TN Visa Expert

    @The_Gift - sorry to keep adding to this feed, but just curious - I'm going thru an airport to get my TN - did you bring anything other than a copy of your license, the visa screen and your employment letter? Did you bring any copies of bank account...
  14. Entry into USA for TN Visa

    For anyone who is wondering - I found out that one week before your start date is pretty much the standard for entering at a POE to obtain a TN Visa.
  15. TN Visa Expert

    Heya @The_Gift I'm just waiting on my visa screen and it says on my application status that Service Successfully Completed . . . how long did you have to wait for your visa screen after that?