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  1. A Fracture from a Fall: What's Going on Here? | Case Study

    I agree with all the above but I’m also really concerned with her home situation. The patient’s clothing and appearance are concerning, she is definitely underweight, unexplained bruising and she has lost her glasses. These observations added with ...
  2. Which nurse is easier to train in med surg?

    When I was a manager on a small Peds unit, I loved hiring new grads. I loved “growing our own.” The unit had a strong cohesive staff of nurses. I knew the new grads would get a great start to their nursing career and that the unit would get a motivat...
  3. I just quit my job after 33 years of nursing, almost 20 at my last place. At 60 everyone assumes I’ve retired but I’m not done. Writing is my second love & I've been researching to see if I can move in that direction.
  4. Expiration date checks on supplies

    This is done at my hospital. We use baggies with dates on them versus dating individual supplies. It was a decision based on Joint recommendations. I’m in Missouri