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took test 5 times and having a hard time passing. Outside distractions and not enough of study time preventing me i guess. I have faith and believe in GOD that it will happen.

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  1. ckwicky

    I passed my NCLEX with 75 questions on the first try!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS! !! I wanted to know of its possible to email me the study materials ypu used that was helful? Ive taken the nclex 5 times and need help. I have all kinds of review books and just recently took.Teady To Pass review class. I allowed problems and people fet in the way of my dream but im.focused now.
  2. I understand what your goimg through since i had a hard time in nursing school and was pregnant. I failed pharmacology also but had the chance to take it in the summer at another school. There was times i felt I couldn't make it or maybe nursing wasn't for me but i knew it was. My last year i got pregnant big belly and all but i continued to go to clinicals and i even took him to 1 lectire class i had but with help i made it. Don't give up especially if you have the support system. My challenge is the nclex because I've been out of school so long,allowed circumstances to get in the way and failed the test 5 times ,but im still trying again. Just have faith and pray. Try to study the categories and not all the meds since there are so many and you'll do fine. You will be an RN soon. Good luck.
  3. ckwicky

    Need help! Failed Nclex RN three times in florida

    You sound very frustrated and annoyed instead of encouraging to those who need it. We all have issues that may prevent us from passing and she just wanted information because she couldn't afford the expenses not to run away from the test.
  4. ckwicky

    NCLEX Retakers Study Group

    So what are you doing to review again? Any tipsor suggestons?
  5. ckwicky

    Took Nclex today

    Hey congratulations to everyone who passed or who got through all the studying at this point. I'm a repeat test taker (5) times and I was thinking about taking ready to pass review. Does anyone know about this program or have any suggestions?
  6. ckwicky

    NYC Nclex RN study group/ or FaceTime Skype group

    hello. I would really like to join your study group as well. I don't have a Skype account as of yet but I'll open one but here's my email for now ckeith29@nyc.rr.com. Hope to hear from you.

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