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  1. NRSKF

    Central line help

    Thank you that definitely helped!
  2. NRSKF

    Central line help

    I am new to PICU, I have a couple questions about CVC/PICC lines. We mostly use double lumen PICCs or triple lumen CVC. In the double lumen PICC I commonly see epi and maintenance in one lumen, fentanyl, versed, and vec in the other. In this case if I need to draw labs and this is my only access what is the process as far as which lumen and which meds do I pause? Also, can someone explain to me how I have things running at a fast rate but I'm not bolusing my meds in the same lumen and/or the other lumen? And let's say I have something I need to give like Zantac do I put it on the quad fuse with my sedation? My guess is I never want to mess with my pressor med, but I need some clarification. Any other info would be great. Thank you!!
  3. NRSKF

    Legacy RN Residency - Winter 2014

    I applied for the pediatric residency position, but haven't heard anything yet. Anyone else?
  4. NRSKF

    Sandford- Fargo

    I'm looking into applying for pediatric positions at Sanford, can anyone give me some advice or insight into this hospital. It doesn't have to be pediatrics, I would love an honest opinion about working here. Thanks!
  5. NRSKF

    Book suggestions for new grad

    I am looking for suggestions on great peds nursing books. They can be related to disease processes or not. Please share some that you would recommend.
  6. Thanks I live near Seattle so that would be perfect I have been applying for the new grad positions they have posted but no luck yet. I'll keep trying!
  7. Can anyone tell me about any hospitals that accept new grads from an ADN program? I will be starting my BSN online this fall, so I can relocate anywhere I can find something. Any help would be great!!
  8. Sorry about my earlier post still figuring this out. My question was for you. Are you in Oklahoma?
  9. Hi there, I am also a new grad from WA. I have heard Swedish does a meet and greet session for prospective employees, they just did one so I'm not sure when the next one will be. If you hear of anymore would you let me know? Good luck!
  10. If you don't mind me asking where are you located?
  11. NRSKF

    New grad needs advice on experience

    Thank you! It is helpful to hear what other people have done.
  12. NRSKF

    Mary Bridge Peds Residency

    I recently applied for the 2013 med/surg residency and found out I was not accepted. Working here is my #1 choice, so if anyone else has applied or been accepted would you mind telling me about some of your qualifications? I have volunteer experience in peds but thats about it, just wondering what my next step should be. Thanks!
  13. I recently graduated from an ADN program and would love to find an acute pediatrics job in Washington but would be willing to relocate. Since I don't have experience I don't qualify for lots of the jobs, but I'm noticing that they want acute pediatric experience. I need advice on how to get that without being in a hospital. Would adult med/surg, peds home health, or peds clinic experience be the best? Any other advice would be great!
  14. NRSKF

    New grad positions in Missoula?

    I graduated a couple weeks ago and was wondering if anyone knows how the job market is in Missoula right now. I am ideally looking for pediatrics but would take anything.