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  1. ChelseaHindwood

    night shift depression!

    I have faced this situation for a long time, I get used to this. When i start doing work at night it's quite difficult my social life and health all these things a normal person have been just ruined but after sometime my life is just my work nothing else, I just cut off to the outside world which is not a good thing. Anyway working at night when everyone is taking rest at there bed and you are working it's really depressing thing. Some nurse in here in aged home works at night and i really feel pity for them.
  2. ChelseaHindwood

    12 hour shifts and weight/exercise.

    For these long time working shift the basic problem is you can't take care of your health and weight because of busy working, after working 12 hour it's really tough to workout or do any kind of exercise, i can suggest you only one thing which is have a healthy life style try to eat natural vegetables and juices because these things are healthy and don't put extra weight on you.
  3. ChelseaHindwood

    Is health care a "right"

    I hope our government takes some serious steps for this health care, because these are so much people in our community who can't afford this and living in problem because of this and specially they should give proper facilities and resources to nursing home, nowadays nursing homes are really in bad condition I don't prefer to stay there when i'm sick or having some serious disease.
  4. ChelseaHindwood

    Skilled Care

    Actually you are right i skilled person has better level of treatment and knows exactly what the problem is, he can better cure this instead of anyone else. I agree with you the whole article is quite informative and we need to understand these things for our own care otherwise we will be in danger.