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nerdynurse7 has 8 years experience as a ASN, CNA, LPN, RN and specializes in Telemetry.

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  1. nerdynurse7

    Medical Treatment resources

    I work in a telemetry unit at a hospital but I have been wanting to learn more about labs and medical treatment for various diagnosis and conditions. I would appreciate resources that guide medical treatment for various conditions/diagnosis. Please and thank you!
  2. nerdynurse7

    Why do you visit allnurses.com?

    Support, advice and community you cannot find anywhere else. Very resourceful. Can ask questions without feeling stupid... sometimes when people are nice.
  3. nerdynurse7

    Telemetry Nursing , HELP

    I am new to Telemetry nursing and to the hospital setting. Although, I started at a community hospital it is a difference from Rehab nursing and SNF, which I have experience with. I have been trained on reading telemetry strips but I feel like in those courses they teach you the cookie cutter rhythms etc. I have been looking at the monitors at work and sometimes struggle to understand what is happening. Like when the monitor calls a rhythm VTACH or AFIB but it’s really not. I ask other nurses and they review the rhythms and say it’s fine. I am looking for a book or other resources to better understand telemetry, the monitors and treatment for different rhythms. I appreciate any advice posted. Thank you !
  4. nerdynurse7

    Telemetry Interview

    I received a call for a small hospital for an interview on a Telemetry Unit evenings; I have worked in Acute Rehab/Med Surg like setting for the past year and LTC and rehab prior as a LPN (2 years), I also have per diem at Primary Care office for 1 year; I just want to know how to prepare with no experience in Telemetry. What are some tips for this interview ? Thanks in advance!
  5. nerdynurse7

    RN Case management

    Hello fellow nurse friends! I am reaching out to you in regards to Case Management information. I have recently viewed many job openings for Case Management and was drawn to it for many reasons. But first let me tell you a little of what I am currently doing. I have been a LPN and RN in acute rehab/ SNF for a total of 3 years and I do not feel valued. I had to cut back from 32 hours to 24 hours due to the work life balance. I am scheduled from 7am- 3:30, but always leave 2-4 hours later depending on the day. As much as I use time management to my advantage, working with 8-12 patients in an acute rehab does not seem manageable. I am feeling burnt out due to the liability and toxic environment in this clinical setting. I feel like this job is affecting my personal wellbeing. I am also underpaid compared to other employers. I also work per diem at a primary care health center; mostly educating diabetic patients, monitoring hypertensive patients, administering immunizations, and completing in house lab work. In this setting, I do not feel stressed, but the pay is not great. I was intrigued by case management because it seems to be on the rise. I like the idea of being able to collaborate care for patients and not be so involved in the clinical aspect (hands on). Although I am passionate about being hands on, I do not think it will be healthy for me to continue. I have seen many job postings for case management, many do not specify exact experience with case management. I did work for an Adult Day Center for 5 months, evaluating patients for needs, which I find some similarities to case management. My sister is a clinical social worker currently working as a case manager for an acute rehab, but I know it differs between RNs and other titles. Overall, I am looking for a better quality of life for myself while still enjoying my career. I would like to hear what does case management entail? How many patients do you see a day? Do you work at home, or out of a facility, or home care? What experience is required? What degree is required? Any special trainings? Can you work part time? What are the usual hours? What is the salary/pay? Any information is helpful. Thank you.
  6. nerdynurse7

    Job Search

    I wanted to update. I did start applying to more jobs. I landed an interview with a Rehabilitation center that offered me a job. I was not impressed by the interview and lack of information. I can expand on it if necessary but will just state that for now. But I am going to another interview for an Urgent Care next week. I feel like this is more acute experience that could be valuable in the future career goals that I want to accomplish. I have been networking and even then it is tough. I am not giving up even if it means I have to crawl before I walk. Lastly, I have heard people say acute care is not everything but I am passionate about trying it and figuring out if it is for me.
  7. nerdynurse7

    Job Search

    I live in Boston and recently received my RN license. I have an Associates degree and am currently enrolled to finish my Bachelors degree. I have 5 years experience in the healthcare field: 3 years as a nursing assistant and 2 years as an LPN. I have applied to many new graduate positions and others. I want to work in an acute setting but it seems like they all require BSN degree and specified experience. I need any advice on landing a job and how to get a foot in the door. Links to resources/videos etc would be helpful too.
  8. nerdynurse7

    NCLEX 1st attempt PASS 75 questions

    After a long wait with MA Board of Nursing application process I finally received my ATT. I had waited 3 months after graduating to take the NCLEX-RN due to complications with my application. I quickly scheduled my exam date for 2 weeks and purchased the Uworld NCLEX questions bank. I almost everyday doing questions and reading rationales. I mostly received the average scores with the Uworld questions. 2 weeks later I took my exam and my computer stopped at 75 questions. I thought I failed... 2 days later I purchased the quick results for $8. On the screen the results appeared "Unofficial Pass"! I was so excited. The moment I was waiting for had finally come true. I am lucky to say I barely studied for the exam and was able to pass. I had this same issue in Nursing School where I would take in the lectures, lightly read material, watch videos and then sit for exams. I believe its due to my strong grasp of science and using critical thinking that I can get away with it. I recommend you study and practice questions as much as possible. My school offered the 3 day course with ATI that came with a book and some other resources. I personally love ATI and feel like a program like that will prepare your mind for the exam. Good luck to all!
  9. nerdynurse7

    ICU Nurse Boston

    I wanted information on shadowing an ICU nurse in the Boston area. I am a LPN to RN student in a neighboring school and for next semester we get to choose what specialty we would like to shadow. They can set us up with the school hospital but I rather shadow an ICU nurse in a Boston hospital. Is this possible? How will I go about doing this? Please leave any information below. Thank you.
  10. nerdynurse7

    Medication Error

    Thank you. It was my first time, I was extremely nervous. Definitely more careful now, still feel terrible about it.
  11. nerdynurse7

    Medication Error

    The medication was accounted for, missed dose as in I never gave it. It was a narcotic.
  12. nerdynurse7

    Medication Error

    I am an LPN working with an agency. Today was my first day at a facility I have never been to. The facility is a nursing/rehab center, so basically a nursing home. I was placed on the Long Term unit with 33 patients and 3 nurses aides. Besides a completely messy nurses station, I noted that there was not sufficient supplies and support. I had to pass medications and do treatments , vitals, and assessments on 33 patients. At this facility they use a computer MAR attached to the med cart. This computer kept turning off despite the fact that it was charged. It turned off about 10 times or more during the shift, but it would turn on after I pressed around. Bottom line it was an insane shift where there was no time but to pass meds, and complete my tasks as quickly as I could. When doing count at the end of the shift I noted I missed a dose ( narcotic) of a patient. The supervisor was notified and a report was made. I feel as if this was completely out of my control and unfair due to the circumstances, what do you think? Also, I wanted answers on where medication error reports go. Will I be contacted by the board of nursing? Will it show up on my license? What happens next?
  13. nerdynurse7

    Per Diem Agency Interview

    I had an interview a week ago on Monday for a LPN per diem position with an agency that sends you to different facilities. I had originally applied for the job online a couple months ago and was in contact with the company. I had delayed my hiring process because I had to relocate to a different city within the same state. I went in for the interview Monday October 16th. I met with the recruiter/staffing coordinator. She had me fill out paperwork after asking me questions and reviewing my experience. I completed my drug test on Wednesday and all she had to do was contact my references which are aware they are my references. I am positive my drug test was clean. It has been a week and I have not heard back from the company. The woman had told me she was going to try to get me into work that same weekend. Today I sent her out an email stating I was following up and checking in to see if she needed any additional information. Still waiting for a response... Should I call the company? or should I wait to get contacted?... If they do not contact me why do you think they choose to do so if she stated I basically had the job? ... I am just confused and would like an answer. Appreciate any feedback in advance. Thank you.
  14. nerdynurse7

    Reporting your workplace

    There are discrepancies in my paycheck, when I first started working there I did notice and would report it. But now I do not have time to write down all my time and match it up so I would not know if they are not paying me for time worked, but it is a large possibility. HR and supervisors do not tend to care when you report being overworked.
  15. nerdynurse7

    Reporting your workplace

    Hello, I am a fulltime LPN on a subacute unit that can fill up to 30 beds. I first started working in July as a new nurse and I have been the charge nurse on the 3-11 shift. I am given 2-3 admissions most nights with 16-22 patients on a regular basis. I have patients in all sorts of conditions with IVs, GTubes, Trachs, diabetes monitoring, wound treatments, etc. I HAVE A LOT OF TASKS ON HAND. I never get out of work on time never mind taking a break. I leave at 2am and have to walk in the dark to the back parking lot where there is minimal lighting. I do not always finish charting on all my patients. Whenever management is around they have all these requirements "we need to add these protocol orders" "we need to add this in our notes" "we need to start doing this" "we" refers to me, by the way. Basically I have too much on my hands yet they are throwing more and picking on everything. Ontop of it there is only one CNA on the floor most of the time, with patients who are fall risks and more than one assist with transfers and bed mobility. I want to report this and the abuse I am going through, unable to take a break or even use the bathroom. I do not know what, how, and where to go about this. Do not comment and say something inconsiderate. Any advice will help. Thank you.
  16. nerdynurse7

    First time CNA

    Thank you so much guys ! My first day was fine. Its exactly what I expected. I just wish there was a way to learn everything in one day but obviously that's impossible. I want to be able to care for my patients with confidence. Ill get the hang of it soon !