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  1. BostonNurseNic

    Typical schedule.

    Hi everyone! I am curious to know what hours everyone works. What is your typical daily work schedule look like? Thanks! :)
  2. Hello I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with leaving a federal position for one at the state level. Specifically, how did this affect your retirement (pension)? Thanks!
  3. BostonNurseNic

    Boston Va retention

    Retention is pretty decent in the Boston VA system. I would recommend contacting your local nurse recruiter and having that person get in touch with the Boston recruiter (who is located in Brockton MA). A lot of times they have relationships with each other and will pass along internal listings. Good luck!
  4. BostonNurseNic

    Massachusetts school nursing

    Hi everyone! I have a few questions that I hope to have answered. I recently accepted a position as a substitute school nurse and was able to fill in a few times before the end of the school year. I absolutely LOVED the time I spent working in the school setting. I have a full-time position working in the federal system, which I enjoy but do not love. My current salary is competitive with local teaching hospitals and benefits are good. My questions are: How easy/difficult was it to transition from hospital setting to school setting? Were finances/salary a big part of your decision? And do you supplement with per diem/summer employment? Do you find that the school nursing schedule is family friendly? (my child has not started school yet) Does anyone have any insights on BPS? Lastly, for MA residents, how did you find the process of obtaining DESE certification? From what I understand courses are offered through Boston Univ, are there other sources available? Thanks! :)
  5. BostonNurseNic

    Quincy College LPN-RN

    Hi - yes, I only applied to the weekend program because that is all that was offered for that particular start date. I had all of the pre-recs complete except the computer class and I took that online before the start of the program. I only took the required nursing classes during the program. Any additional classes would have been too much with working full time in my opinion.
  6. I have been accepted to both Umass Boston and Umass Dartmouth online RN-BSN programs. Is anyone attending or has anyone completed either of these programs and can offer any insight? Likes - dislikes? Thanks!
  7. BostonNurseNic

    Quincy College LPN-RN

    Hello - I completed the weekend bridge program in December 2016 and passed NCLEX-RN with no problem in March 2017. We changed instructors half-way through the program, and each one had very different lecturing styles. Overall, the program was not difficult. Combination of quizzes, exams and group projects. Clinical sites were larger hospitals outside of Boston on north and south shores and were all positive experiences. Clinical instructors were great! Class size was limited to 30, clinical groups had 10 - which were split into 5 each. To my knowledge, everyone in my cohort passed and graduated. PM me if you have any specific questions. I worked 40 hours during the program and had no problem keeping up with assignments/exams and passed with a 3.5 gpa, so it's definitely doable working full-time!
  8. BostonNurseNic

    Hospitals in MA with ASN residencies?

    Boston Medical Center (BMC) is more than a hospital. It´s a network of support and care that touches the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in need each year. It is the largest and busiest provider of trauma and emergency services in New England. Emphasizing community-based care, BMC is committed to providing consistently excellent and accessible health services to all—and is the largest safety-net hospital in New England. The hospital is also the primary teaching affiliate of the nationally ranked Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) and a founding partner of Boston HealthNet – an integrated health care delivery systems that includes many community health centers. BMC provides a full range of pediatric and adult care services, from primary to family medicine to advanced specialty care. BMC is also committed to our employees, who are a very important piece to who we are. We pride ourselves in providing equal employment opportunity and non-discrimination for all employees and qualified applicants without regard to a person's race, color, gender, age, religion, national origin, ancestry, disability, veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation or any characteristic protected under applicable law. BMC will make reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with known disabilities, in accordance with applicable law. In accordance with the American Nurses Association's Standards of Clinical Nursing Practice,” the registered nurse, under the general supervision of the Nurse Manager, is primarily responsible for professional performance and direct patient care. The role encompasses nursing assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention, evaluation, and coordination of care for patients and their families across the health care continuum. The registered nurse is accountable for clinical, educational, quality and fiscal patient care outcomes using the model of care designed by the nursing department and in accordance with established agency policies, procedures, protocols, guidelines and standards of practice. Reports to the unit nurse manager. All interested candidates need to be aware that shifts may vary: Day, Evening and Night shifts available. During the interview process, qualified candidates will be slotted to shifts of interest, please be advised that no shifts are promised. Associate Nursing degree candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.
  9. BostonNurseNic

    what path do I take? LPN and bridge, straight to RN?

    Just go straight for RN. You never know when life will get in the way of your plans, postponing a bridge program. Another thing to consider is employers aren't always flexible with school schedules.
  10. BostonNurseNic

    Please Post Company's Tuition Reimbursement Info here!

    Facility: VA Boston Healthcare system Location: Boston, MA Tuition Reimbursement: Zero.
  11. BostonNurseNic

    Any MA state employed nurses?

    Hello - curious to hear from any nurses employed by a Massachusetts state agency. What is your area of specialty and overall job satisfaction? Considering an offer in mental health setting. Currently federal employed...anyone switch from federal to state level and pleased with decision? Thank you!
  12. BostonNurseNic

    Solid white, non-athletic, lace-up shoes?

    Grey's anatomy makes a super comfortable nursing shoe/clog that I highly recommend: Amazon.com: SoftWalk Women's Meredith Clog: Shoes Also you might want to look into Crocs "nursing clogs" they're very comfortable and meet all of the criteria listed by your school.
  13. BostonNurseNic

    Questions about Quincy college...

    I would like to hear from anyone currently or formerly enrolled in Quincy's ADN or advanced placement RN program. How was your overall experience. Good professors and clinical instructors? What was your schedule like for either the day or evening program? Thanks in advance!
  14. BostonNurseNic

    VA Hiring Process

    Nanasi: I did receive a salary quote with the tentative verbal offer and it did not change from final offer. I started approximately 6 weeks after tentative offer.
  15. BostonNurseNic

    New Graduate RN in Boston

    Try the mass.gov website for correctional postings.