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  1. Deshotel

    Air Force Nursing

    I am trying to get some insight and a bit of information from everyone since the recruiters are out of office currently. I will finish my ADN this December and will start on my BSN right away and finish it by next December. During this time I will be working on a med-surg/tele floor. I just wanted to gather some basic information about the process and when I could start building a packet. I did serve in the Air Force for 7 years, just recently separated last year. I did 4 years of active duty and 3 in the reserves. Is the Air Force in need of Clinical Nurses currently? Will my prior experience help my chances of getting accepted? I know you need 1 year of RN experience with your BSN, so will the time that I will be working with my ADN while finishing my BSN count? Also what else helps make a packet stand out?
  2. Deshotel

    Air Force Nurse Boards October 2019

    Would anyone mind private messaging me about the application process?? I just have some questions. Please and thank you!
  3. Deshotel

    Air Force FY 2019

    I would love more information and I also have some questions! Could someone who got accepted into an ER position please message me. Thank you!
  4. Deshotel

    Southern Miss Nursing

    Just got word the letters were mailed out today! Anyone here dying to know?
  5. Deshotel

    USM acceptance Spring 2015

    Did everyone make it? I just submitted my application for the gulf park campus.

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