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    "When Was the Last Time I Wow'ed a Patient?"

    I 'WOW" my patients every day, because I tell them what I am doing and why I am doing it. I have found that my patients are better equipped to handle hospitalization when they know who-what-where-why-how we do what we do. We are just as much educators as anything else, and due to time constraints, education is sometimes rushed and haphazard. I think it would be helpful for us to take the time to explain why a patient is being awakened in the middle of the night, why they need another IV, why it takes so long to get into surgery, etc. I have been at the wrong end of the scalpel 9 times myself, so I might have a different view. I think that a lot of patient/staff difficulties come from fear. Perhaps the nurse doesn't feel it, but the patient certainly does, and as Maslow taught us, we can't learn while we are afraid. If we can lessen the fear, perhaps the education will stick and we will be able to relate to each other as patients and professionals in a better way. All patients have the potential to be difficult, and there are days when screaming in the bathroom is the only mental health available. It is those days that determine the length of our careers as nurses. On the day when I know that I have been pushed past the point of compassion, I will stop being a nurse. I pray that each of us has the mental and emotional strength to be there for each other, as well as for our patients, for a very long time. I think that most people see the political correctness as the folly that it truly is. A "client" is someone in for a manicure or haircut. Those that I assess, medicate, teach, intervente on behalf of, and care for in multiple ways are my patients. Renal failure is failure, and the kidney should have thought about the consequences earlier. As nurses we are dealing with the reality of situations, and that reality is what it is. The PC should be bagged up and left outside the door.