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  1. I'm really sorry to hear that. I am an Informatics nurse and am over 50. I left the floor when the computers started to infiltrate the hospitals in 1998. I was a pioneer!! The other thing is I'm a contractor so I don't work in a clinical setting. I can tell you that computers are not the end all be all yet. I think we were better off with paper if you want to assess the patient and patient care. Computers are to assist in litigation which is where everything is focused now. Computers have a long road ahead of them if they are to be efficient and SAFE in the patient setting. My first choice would be not to work in a clinical setting in the technology age. I'm very skilled in computer technology but I don't think it has any place in patient care. My husband had a stroke in 2013, a massive MI in 2015 and a sub arachnoid hemorrhage last month. I'm appalled at the lack of nursing care. Or should I say quality nursing care. The kind of nursing care that gets a patient well and the family a peace of minding knowing they are being taken care of. Computers make it too easy to "check the box". Since I work full time I make sure the staff knows I'm a nurse. Not because I'm watching their every move but to let them know I understand the terminology and want the information straight up. I professed to not know about strokes or SAH from the start. I was comfortable after his MI since I started my career in a cardiac step down unit and he had previously had a Quad bypass. Family should not have to care for the patient. I am a constant advocate for my husband. When he had his stroke I took FMLA thankfully. The inpatient stroke rehab unit he was transferred to was like a nursing home! It was loud, dirty, and the RNs didn't have time for anything but passing meds and documenting in the computers. Many of them were there 2-3 hours after their shift. Techs were put in the place of the nurse. Getting a bath with a wipe is not acceptable. It's called nursing care for a reason. Maybe it's time to call it nursing business. Hospitals are much too focused on their bottom line. The rehab facility he was in was filthy, noisy, and just plain obnoxious. There is no excuse for hospitals not to be remodeled and clean. If we are to make HIPAA so important, why do we still have shared rooms? That is a HIPAA violation as far as I'm concerned. If you step back and look at this big picture, it's not about the patient anymore. The patient's are lucky to get out of a hospital alive. It scares me to death to think about what our future holds as an aging society. When the young nurses get to be our age, they'll understand. I'm not sure how a person can say they got into nursing for the "patient care" or the "patient". It surely wasn't for the money. They don't pay nurses nearly enough for the liability they are faced with. You can't base a salary on that! I don't even understand why anyone wants to go into the medical field anymore. I'm thankful that I have the education so I can be an advocate. If I were you, I'd look to an office environment where you can maybe do some patient education. Working in a LTC facility is sure to break your heart. Where ever you work just know you'll make a difference to the patient, not the facility. It's sad but true.
  2. I left the floor 17 years ago to purse Nursing Informatics when they raised our patient ratios in High Risk Labor and Delivery. Managed care took the spark out of bedside nursing for me. Now I see RNs passing out Meds and documenting while aides do everything else. My husband was lucky I am a nurse when he had a stroke in 2013. I can tell you first hand I am very worried about our lack of healthcare system.
  3. jmca110

    Stroke nurses

    I'm an inactive nurse as far as the hospital goes. I'm an Informatics nurse. My husband had a stroke last year and another caregiver and myself are putting together an outreach for our local support group. I'd love to find retired or inactive nurses in Frederick, MD for their input. We want to get more people involved and need professional input.
  4. jmca110

    Stroke nurses

    I am looking to connect with nurses that have worked with stroke patients.

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