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  1. PurpleIvy2

    Getting into Postpartum/couplet care

    Really appreciate your advice, thanks! My other issue is that my manager now attempts to stop people from transferring and such. So I Worry she will attempt to tell them I am not a good employee so that she keeps me for a little while. I am trying to do this all carefully so that doesn't end up happening.
  2. PurpleIvy2

    Getting into Postpartum/couplet care

    Hi everyone, I am a nurse that works in a neuro rehab unit in a huge hospital. I have experience in rehab and med/surg. I am looking to transfer to postpartum because I have always had an interest in it. It seems like these positions go fast! I am definitely going to get my NRP certification before I apply for a couplet care position. I have the e-mails of the manager for the L&D unit and was wondering if it would be a good idea to ask to be cross-trained there just to get my foot in the door? It seems like there is a lot of competition so I am just trying to make sure I do this the best way possible. Any advice would help. Thanks!
  3. PurpleIvy2

    Nurse Corp Loan Repayment 2015

    Hi jwalla, which post are speaking of if you don't mind me asking? I'd like to hear from anyone that gets more information.
  4. PurpleIvy2

    Nurse Corp Loan Repayment 2015

    I called yesterday morning and they said that they are already giving out awards and they will continue to until no later than September 30th. They also said it just depends on when they get to your e-mail info as to how early or late they will send you an e-mail. She also told me that my status will say Under Review even if they send out the e-mail, and that we should watch for the e-mail to be sent. Good luck everyone! Please update us on any info you hear.
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm an RN in Chicago with almost 1 year of experience on an acute rehab unit in a long term facility. I have so much experience and skills that I could use in a hospital and made sure to highlight them on my resume. I had really bad luck in Chicago with utilizing all the people I know that had a hospital job, so I'm really pessimistic about me looking in another state. I want to know, while filling out all those hospital online applications, how do you separate yourself from everyone else? I get refusals so quickly I wonder if anyone's even looked at my application. I put an Arizona address on my resume, because I have residence in Arizona. I explained that I'm currently in Illinois but would be ready to go in two weeks. I also have my Arizona license number. Any tips/advice on how to stand out in the Phoenix/Tucson area? Thanks!
  6. Hey everyone, I know a lot of you have said the first year is awful, but everyone's situation is a little different. I basically took the first job that was willing to hire me, which was also in LTC/Rehab. I did two weeks of orientation there which were worthless. My first day on my own was awful. I had no resources, nobody to ask questions to because everyone just ignored me, and my supervisor was not very helpful since she was a part time weekend supervisor. Well, I work on a weekday and it's even worse. My nursing supervisor is pretty worthless, since everyone is overworked nobody has a minute to spare to help answer my questions, and I've never felt so lost in my life. I feel that I can just barely pass medications to 12 (sick patients), let alone address their family's issues, and there's. At times I almost feel like I have to neglect some of my patients to get things done. At the end of the day, I get there early, leave late, and get nothing but med pass done. I don't know when I will have a minute to have someone show me how to look up labs and such. I've already discharged two patients not knowing what I was doing. I personally feel that this facility just hired me because they needed a space to fill. I feel that I'm compromising patient care and although this is a learning process, my goal is to help people get better. I go home thinking and thinking, go to bed dreaming, and even on my day off I am taking this job with me. I have a few options running through my head since I've always leaned more towards school nursing/1 on 1 nursing. I enjoy the counseling and teaching and caring for the individual. While my classmates have hoped and prayed to be in the ER or ICU when they left nursing school, I have had no interested in the "adrenaline" rush. Since working here full time is really taking over my life, I am wondering if asking them for something part time would be more suitable for me, while doing home health on the side (which is more counseling, educating patients, etc). I could also quit, if I feel this facility is not a good fit for me. The other option I have is working on a different unit like the first floor which is more orthopedic patients (and from the sounds of my coworkers, easier for a new grad nurse). However, I think because the first floor is easier, there is no available slots for me. I really am not one to give up something before giving it a try, but my sanity isn't worth any job or amount of money, especially if I'm not enjoying what I do. Any advice would be appreciated.
  7. PurpleIvy2

    Third time's a charm?

    I am so disappointed and discouraged. Our school requires us to get a 900 to graduate. I have been all about the Hesi for one month now. Took it the first time, Got an 836, but I was so close that I was really motivated to get it the second time. Two weeks later I took it again, I could tell I improved SO much (I knew content areas so well), but i got an 826. It's just sad that this exam is not reflective of how much you know, but how well you answer their ridiculously worded questions (Even when I knew the answer I didn't go with it because the answer they provided was completely different terminology we haven't used before or they threw in a word that threw me off). My friend tried talking to me about how he looks at questions, and the way he takes the exam is a crap shoot. When they ask which side effect of this specific drug requires follow up at the MD office, he goes with the worst side effect out there. I, on the other hand, remember that this particular drug causes this side effect, and go with only what I remember because I can't rely on information I don't know, right? Wrong. I have the comprehensive review guide. I have a smaller review guide. I did all the case studies. I used hesistudy.com the first time which to be honest threw me off so I stopped using it. I did their comprehensive exams which are NOTHING like the hesi. I've looked a test taking strategies on this website and other websites. I have absolutely no idea what else to do at this point. My issue is not content at this point, it's understanding what they want from me. I'm tempted to do questions through my Saunder's or Kaplan book, but I feel like they are different writers who have different styles so I'm not sure if that'll help me or hurt me for this exam. Any insight from anyone who's been in my situation will be helpful because at this point I feel extremely lost.