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  1. Kat2bRN25778

    Should I change majors?

    Sounds like you already know your answer.. your just looking for permission to do so. Nursing is something you have to be in whole heartedly.. it doesn't get better from here it gets harder and more stressful. Nursing is not your dream.. and that ok. Go out there and follow your heart.
  2. I would call your advisor as soon as you get a chance and find out when the next committee is (the group that goes through the applications and decides who gets in) I received a call literally the day after the test from my advisor telling me my score was good to go and then it went to committee the following Friday. It took me a total of maybe a week in a half to know I got in. My advisor kept me up to date.. she called me the same day of committee and told me I was accepted. Are you attempting to get in for Jan 15?? If so I know that this week and next is CRAZY busy because registration stated - new students register starting Monday. You need to start making some calls asap so your not stuck with last dibs on classes. Your cutting it CLOSE. It took me almost 2 weeks for the drug and background screening to come back to Chamberlain that I passed.
  3. Kat2bRN25778

    Hesi Exam

    Hi there! I took the HESI for Chamberlain about a month ago now. The topics they test are Math, English, Chemistry, Biology, and last Anatomy & Physiology then they do a personality profile (that is not graded it just pinpoints like your personality traits). I studied three weeks for 30 minutes a night and passed just fine the 1st try. The Hesi is taken from an outside company that asks questions from a database so no matter what state your in if they take the Hesi it uses the exact test format. I did not personally find the HESI book that Chamberlain suggests - I think it's evolve? I read from other HESI takers to pick up the McGraw Hill brand study guide and I am GLAD I did! It is much better organized! I did all the practice tests over and over again and it definitely prepared me for the test. The Chemistry section They asked about ions protons neutrons basic definitions listed in the book Math Know how to solve the questions in the study books AND Metric conversions. They are going to be basic conversions - I looked online for metric conversion tests online and those prepared me just find.. grams to milligram's, meters to kilometers, like basic stuff cups, pints, gallons and so on English I found that it was worth it to study the online study guides (I did Google searches for it) and found that many vocab words were on the test.. they will give you a sentence and ask you the meaning of the underlined word.. the underlined word though, doesn't always tend to be something you recognize and it's Not always easy to guess. I highly suggest you take the vocab section in the book serious. I am NOT a test person or a math person and I passed and got into Chamberlain first time.
  4. I was highly highly warned about the Med-surg and Pharmacology semester and was told to expect to be completely exhausted and possibly in tears trying to pass this class! Could someone please tell me what these specific classes cover and why they are considered to be so hard. Also, is it an option to take them separately - different semesters and if you would suggest I do so?? Could you tell me any study sources you may use or suggest?? And lastly I start my first semester this Jan 2015 could someone PLEASE tell me what people mean when I keep hearing on blogs and facebook etc. people referring to the "Trifecta" and "CAS"?? Thanks!
  5. Got an 87 overall? The way it works is they want your Math and English score to be high and at a minimum of 75%. The rest is not given a whole lot of consideration. I got in the 80's for both Math and English and Bombed my Chemistry section (I was told by my advisor to really concentrate on Math & Eng only) and I got an overall of like 74 thanks to doing so bad in chem and I was still accepted for Jan 15 start date (with 3.0 gpa). Keep what you have as long as your math and eng are in the 80's and you will get in.
  6. Kat2bRN25778

    Chamberlain class schedule

    Hello there! I start January 2015 in St. Louis. I know that every semester people usually can pull a part time job (after speaking to both former students and double checking with my advisor) for every semester Except for the Med-Surg and Pharmacology semester which for me is the fourth semester in. I was highly warned not to try to work that semester but besides those 16 week classes you should be fine to continue to work. In fact it's highly suggested once in the 2nd year to start apply to be a student nurse so the connections are being made and there is a better chance for a job waiting before graduation.
  7. Kat2bRN25778

    Chamberlain Classes!

    Obviously you want to call in and find out but I know the school is designed for many people to be able to walk in without their full pre-reqs. My guess would be (without seeing exactly what classes your referring to) that some of those classes are classes that you should have already completed to get your RN. For instance The basic BSN program I am starting in January have 3 years worth of classes listed on their basic class list.. but after you apply and get accepted that list shortens and I actually only have two years of classes to complete since I already took many of them in a different school.
  8. Kat2bRN25778

    Chamberlain College of Nursing(Arlington)

    I have been accepted for Jan 2015 start date with two pre-reqs to complete while attending. I have had a great experience so far. The reputation is Really good and their NCLEX pass rate is good as well. Don't go by word of mouth until it's from someone who has been there or is closely related to facts. The best thing you can do is go online to your perspective states nursing accreditation and pass rates and see exactly how good/bad your schools your considering stack up because those are legitimate numbers rather than hear-say.
  9. Kat2bRN25778

    low hesi!

    Well I bombed the Chem section which brought my overall to 74.6% I did high 80's% in math and English so I went ahead and kept the score and went to committee.. I got accepted no problem. Since your not stating your math and English I'm not sure your full circumstances.
  10. Just wanting to know if anyone else is set to start Chamberlain College of Nursing this Jan 5, 2015 in St. Louis?? Also wondering how many credits you had that transferred? Is anyone who is currently attending or graduate of the school care to share their experience? As well as any study tips you may have?
  11. Kat2bRN25778

    Lpn around Scott AFB

    Unfortunately not. I live down the road from SAFB and theres nothing here.. we have Memorial Hospital in Belleville, IL and St. Elizabeth's hospital in Belleville also I would contact their HR department directly. (Belleville is on the other side of SAFB) besides that there are nursing homes that do hire LPN'S still with experience. I would start contacting the hospitals in St.Louis and see if they can give you information if they hire LPN's. I am a student nurse myself and the reason I didn't go for LPN over RN is because they are all going for BSN's now to hire it's hard for a RN to get a job without their Bachelor's.
  12. I like that Lutheran does not have a wait list and I could start as soon as two semesters from now in their RN diploma program but I must admit I drove by there today for the first time and the place looks completely run down. It's got weeds shooting up and damage to the building and all the signs posted are falling apart or falling down all together. If the place looks this bad on the outside how is the inside? Please anyone who knows Anything about this program - either by going there or word of mouth I would Really appreciate it!

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