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  1. <3 Kimmii86 <3

    Questions about communication

    I work as a part- time/per diem CNA at a assisted living facility. my supervisor has a habit of send out text messages to me about working a schedule or days here and there. I am confused on if a text message is okay or should they call you over the phone?
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    undecided about nursing career...

    my family were unsupportive from the start...my parents always dreamed of me becoming a poetry writer. That is a skill i have but i didnt want that as a career. i really enjoyed caring for the sick and elderly. since my last post i have continued my work as a cna but i am still looking forward to becoming a nurse. My family have always told me that "I don't have the"nack" to become a nurse or CNA." That is what is truly bothering me to this day. But, recently I was at work today and almost went to tears because a resident said "I appreciate you as My NA and you have the heart and drive for it." That made me feel a lot better because i dont hear positive words often. " I have enrolled in Community college for basic courses in math and still working as CNA. I am doing okay with myself so far, i will keep everyone posted!
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    undecided about nursing career...

    thank you for your words of encouragement and a bit of inspiration!!
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    Yay! I'm getting pinned!!

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    undecided about nursing career...

    thank you for sharing that with me.....it really helped me say okay this is what you want then kick butt and go for it. right now i am a cna in senior living community and i enjoy it alot, but i want more. here in CT we have lpn courses but they all have a teas exam or accuplacer to take as a requirement before hand and i'm afraid i will bomb those. my family have also been putting me down since day one of me becoming a cna.... i passed the class with an 89% and failed the clinical twice because i allowed them to put negative thoughts in my head before walking throught the door of the testing sit. then march.17.2010 (st.patricks day) i passed with flying colors!! i am going to get information on a few schools to attend! thank you for showing me that math shouldnt be a reason to give up my dream career!!
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    undecided about nursing career...

    all my life i have been struggling to learn math.. it has always been a rough subject for myself. but i do study hard on basic math to keep my skills up. i took a cna course in nov. 2010 and passed with an 89%. state req. was 70%. i would love to obtain my lpn or rn but im scared to apply myself cause i know my math isnt great, but i love the CNA field but would love to continue further. i was wondering if its still possible to become a LPN with this problem? please help i am so confused and i have no support from family or friends,. they are all saying i should give up my cna license. i feel like i worked so hard to become a cna! help!! what would you do?