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  1. Suspension

    The person who did this should be terminated. This is immature and unprofessional.
  2. Relocating RN

    Hi! I live in west LA. I rent a 2/2 apartment for $3400.00 a month. It does not include water or utilities. I have been a nurse for 23 years and have my BSN. I make 56.90/hr at a magnet hospital. Traffic is bad here, taxes high, and everything ...
  3. Switching from days to nights

    I just switched from days to nights in January. I simply told my manager that it would fit my lifestyle better at the moment. There was an open position, and I moved into it in less than a month. I think in general that management is used to this ...
  4. 2018 Nurse Salary

    Location: Los Angeles, CA Experience: 10 years LPN, 13 years RN, BSN Speciality: Oncology Hospital: mid size community, union pay: $56 hr differentials: $4.25 night week day/$6.60 night weekend
  5. BSN is a joke

    Cowboyardee, I disagree with your conclusion that nursing education is failing because a BSN can not identify certain rhythms on a monitor. Once a nurse enters a speciality area they usually acquire more specialized knowledge through on the job trai...
  6. Recognition of illness/condition by smell?

    Maple syrup urine disease...I actually took care of babies with this very rare syndrome. It is true the urine smelled sweet!
  7. Dating a former patient

    Keeping it simple...NO!
  8. ADN in LA ?

    You can get a job with ADN in LA. I found a good job at USC in urgent care and was offered a job in dialysis with only my associate degree. I had several years of experience so keep this in mind. I did get my BSN in 2014 and moved on to a good hos...
  9. Mistakes like this do happen and I have seen it before. I have never seen anyone get suspended for it but rather counseled. I think there must be other reasons that they have suspended you. I know that all the employers I have dealt with in the pa...
  10. Working in Ca, living in another state

    This just sounds very unrealistic. The pay may sound very enticing, but between taxes and insane cost of living, you won't be bringing home what you think. I live in SoCal, but my daughter and a friend lived in SF.....for a super tiny, no amenities...
  11. Accusation Against Male Nurse (Me)

    I work on a high acuity BMT unit. All the patients are required daily showers and CHG baths. They all have central lines. We, the nurses, do all the IV wraps. I have to wait a few minutes to give meds often...but that is what it comes down to in ...
  12. 2017 Nurse Salary

    Location: Southern California Experience: BSN 2014, ADN 2005, LPN 1995 Speciality: Oncology Pay: $55.44/hr $2.50 wend diff day shift Cost of living: $2850 month 2/2 apartment
  13. Workplace Harassment forced me to resign

    Move on. It is not worth the time or energy.
  14. What Can I Do With A BSN? (Without a license).

    You can do this! I agree with using Kaplan.
  15. What Did You Get For Nurses Week?

    I received an insulated cup with the hospital logo...I liked it :) Happy Nurses weeK!!!!!!