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  1. kathrynbarrett88

    Has anybody gone to Compass College for LPN

    I was wondering if anybody went or plan to go to Compass. I got in after taking the Compass test now wondering if anybody has any recent reviews?
  2. kathrynbarrett88

    LPN Programs Delta maybe??

    I just went to Compass College and Delta today had to take the Compass test for the CC and passed it so I am leaning toward Compass College. Delta is nice, great clinical externships like Ochsner, but the cost of cash I have to put down on top of Fin Aid is a Big draw back.
  3. kathrynbarrett88

    LPN Programs Delta maybe??

    What did Nicholls want? What were the requirements ?
  4. kathrynbarrett88

    LPN Programs Delta maybe??

    It is expensive lol, but thanks for the reply. I wonder if I did a bridge program later they would take the credits from Delta.
  5. kathrynbarrett88

    LPN Programs Delta maybe??

    I am looking to get into a LPN program, but where I attend now "Delgado" is too hard and a waiting list just to get in. I am in Metairie/ New Orleans area. Any other places? How is Delta of Covington? I am thinking of going there.
  6. kathrynbarrett88

    ADN students...how quickly will you enroll for BSN?

    Can u send me a msg
  7. kathrynbarrett88

    New Grad Pay in Louisiana...

    I am trying to get into La Tech n need some help Katie I was wondering if u could help since u Havel been there and done that