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  1. Anyone in this or program or have recently completed it? I was just accepted for the fall semester and i had a few questions about the how the classes are scheduled, skills lab, etc. Thanks! Jen
  2. jnf7882

    Eastern Kentucky University Spring 2016 FNP

    Congrats! Im working contingent/PRN during the program but will try to work 36/week for as long as I can:) So far, the faculty seem very helpful..i think I'm most nervous about the stress of finding preceptors, but hopefully it won't be too bad. Look forward to having some classes with you:)
  3. Thanks so much!
  4. jnf7882

    Schoolcraft Nursing Program

    I didn't go to EMU or Madonna. I chose an online RN-BSN completion program at University of Wyoming. I waited about 1 year into working as an RN to go back but i definitely think you could start right away into a BSN completion program if you wanted to. Good luck!
  5. I had to reapply to the facility and was considered a rehire but on different units
  6. thank you so much! I definitely will go in and replace some of the generic nursing tasks with some more original and personal facts about myself as an RN. As far as formatting my work experience for the 3 years of intermittent work, how do you feel as someone who has experience with hiring regarding the format/wording? Its difficult to put it on paper without looking like someone who is a job hopper---but when asked in interviews Its much easier to explain that I'm not a job hopper--my husband just has a very unique and mobile career and I'm very determined and persistent to keep up my skills in the mean time. Any advice regarding the situation? again, thank you for you feedback
  7. Hi all! im reformatting my resume, as I prepare to look for my forever career. I have intermittently worked as an RN within the same health system on 3 different units..when i say intermittent, this is due to two- 6 month breaks due to an international relocation for my husbands job. I have since moved with him as he wraps up his last contract overseas. We will be transitioning into a "normal" stationary lifestyle and i couldn't be more excited! I need to display my situation simply, yet professionally in my cover letter and resume...this is what I have put together...please feel free to critique. BTW i plan on applying for PRN/Contingent positions as the allow me more flexibility to travel back and forth for the next 5 months until we are back home. Name Address email Phone ******Health System Human Resources 123 New York Ave NY, New York 12345 Dear Nursing Recruiter, I am writing to express my interest in Registered Nursing positions at your hospital. I have an Associate's Degree in Nursing from ***** College and obtained my licensure in the State of ****** in July, 2012. I then, took the initiative to pursue my BSN and graduated in May 2015 from ********College online RN-BSN completion program. I believe that my educational background and past work experiences can contribute significantly to your healthcare system. Since I began my nursing career, I have had the opportunity to work with *****Healthcare System, both at ******* Hospital and ****** Hospital. My experiences in the Emergency Department and Step Down Telemetry Unit have impacted my career tremendously by allowing me to become proficient in nursing assessment, caring for the critical patient, time management and teamwork. I have had the opportunity to work with patients of all age groups, and am confident in my ability to collaborate with other healthcare professionals to achieve the best outcome for my patients. I am passionate about nursing and I realize that critical patient care requires a solid foundation in nursing skills and techniques, prioritization of care, and communication skills. Although my application can only tell you so much about my motivation and qualifications as an RN, these skills, coupled with my compassion, patience, and patient advocacy, are only a part of what I offer as a Registered Nurse. I have experienced several international relocations, due to my spouse's career, and am currently accompanying him during his last contract as a professional athlete. Pursuing a position as a PRN/Contingent RN would allow me the flexibility to continue my career and become excellent addition to ***** Health System, while supporting my spouse as he wraps up the final months of his contract. I would welcome the opportunity to further discuss my background, vision for nursing, and interest in this position with you. Thank you for your consideration in this exciting opportunity Sincerely, ***********, RN Name Address email Phone PERSONAL OBJECTIVE To obtain a position as a Registered Nurse that will allow me to utilize my communication, analytical, clinical and organizational skills. QUALIFICATIONS · Capacity to multi-task and work efficiently in a high volume, high stress environment · Excellent organization skills · Ability to collaborate effectively with members of a multi-disciplinary team · Creative and effective in ability to provide patient and family education · Proficient in telemetry monitoring and arrhythmia identification · Appropriate use of professional nursing judgment · ACLS certified EDUCATION ********* University- Online MSN-FNP; 2016-2019 · Master's of Science in Nursing- Family Nurse Practitioner · Expected completion- May 2019 University of *****: New York,NY; online outreach program; 2013-2015 · BSN completion · High Honors; 3.8 GPA *******College: New York, NY; 2010-2012 · Associates Degree in Nursing – April 2012 · GPA: 3.78 ********University: New York, NY; 2006-2010 · Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Health Services · Honors Status PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Registered Nurse- **** Health System; *****Hospital/***** Hospital- Intermittent between June 2012-August 2015 · Assessment and treatment of patients from pediatric-geriatric age groups in a busy 55-bed, level 2 trauma Emergency Room · Ability to multi-task and work efficiently in a high stress environment · Treatment of medical emergencies including but not limited to cardiac/respiratory arrest, orthopedic emergencies, mental health, STEMI, sepsis, patients requiring vasopressors and arterial lines, pediatric patients and lean track patients. · Maintenance and titration of various vasoactive and cardiac drips · Patient assessment and treatment of the cardiac medical patient on a 36-bed Cardiac Step Down unit · Safe and effective medication administration and monitoring · Arterial sheath pulls · Reporting abnormal results to provider and exercising appropriate nursing judgment · Education of patient and families · Appropriate documentation of all pertinent patient information in hospital wide EMR (PowerChart/Cerner) Patient Care Technician-Short Stay Care Unit; Trinity Health/**** Hospital: New York, NY – June 2011-June 2012 · Blood draws, IV starts, vital signs, specimen collection, Acu-checks, I&O, AM care, documentation in EMR (PowerChart), patient transport, care of patient in a high volume work environment, Foley/straight catheterization, monitoring of various post-operative patients Medical Receptionist/Administrative Intern- *** Urgent Care: New York, NY– December 2009-June 2011 · Checking patients in, verifying insurance (Web Dennis, etc), collecting co-pays, assisting in medical billing, appointment scheduling, data entry, data entry in EMR (Allscripts), explaining HIPPA, payment policies and other various forms to patients. CERTIFICATIONS & PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES Certifications: · RN- License #********* · BLS/ACLS · Completion of ******* Hospital nurse residency program- 7/2013 Volunteer Activities: · Make A Wish Foundation- WAM Bicycle Tour: June 2012 · ODL- Oulun Karpat Hockey Organization Fundraiser: Oulu, Finland. Hockey families of Karpat Hockey organization raised over $30,000 for ODL, an organization that provides funds for underprivileged children to participate is community sports and activities. References Available Upon Request
  8. jnf7882

    Schoolcraft Nursing Program

    I graduated from Schoolcrafts nursing program in 2012. Its an excellent program. you definitely have to put in the work and time, but most of the professors are there to help and truly want you to excel and succeed. Holly Austin is an excellent med-surge professor and clinical instructor so i would try to get her classes if you can. They have great relationships with many of the areas top hospitals. My advice to you would be to use your classmates as resources, form study groups, dedicate time and just absorb as much of the information and learning opportunities as possible. This is really the only time in your career that you will have someone constantly there with you to answer any question (whether you think its dumb or not) and will guide you step by step. Good Luck to you!
  9. jnf7882


    Oh my gosh I had someone like this recently too. It was like nothing I've ever seen before! Tumor is an understatement. This lady was treating hers "homeopathically" and it had been bleeding at home for weeks. Her HgB was 5, she was jaundiced and the smell...unlike anything. She claimed it wasn't infected and it was "necrotic from the homeopathic juice treatment". Looked in her chart..VRE ..wonderful.
  10. jnf7882

    Eastern Kentucky University Spring 2016 FNP

    That is the one thing that i was warned about with any online program. I just emailed the advisor to get the inside scoop on what is involved in finding a clinical preceptor/placement. I have quite a few coworkers that are now NPs and am hoping they can help or point me in the right direction. I know that clinical experience is going to make a world of a difference in how prepared I feel upon graduation. Thanks for your response! I just PMed you with a few other questions if you don't mind:)
  11. Sooo i just got my acceptance letter for the Spring 2016 online FNP program at EKU! I'm super excited and have heard mostly positive things about the program. Has anyone else been accepted into this cohort? Anyone else attending or completed the program? Words of advice on how doable the classes are while working, finding clinical placement and does anyone have any idea if there is a skills bootcamp or on campus skills day to attend? I don't believe there are any on campus visits so I was immediately concerned about learning skills like casting, suturing, I&D etc... thanks! and hope to get in touch with some people that have also been accepted in to the program! Jen
  12. jnf7882

    EKU FNP Spring 2016?

    by the way..i am also from michigan! I went to school in kentcyky as a freshman and lexington is an AWESOME place to live. everyone is so welcoming and there is really a "southern hospitality" feel down there
  13. jnf7882

    EKU FNP Spring 2016?

    Im also applying to EKU this year! I am contemplating between Spring or Summer start. I am working on my personal statement,as they said this was the most important part of the application. what else are you doing to prepare? experience/education? Good luck to you and hopefully we will both get some good new within the next month or so!
  14. hello! i am applying to EKU's FNP program and am working on my personal statement. I have been an RN for 2 1/2 years with a background in ICU step down and ER. I am going to copy and paste my first draft of my personal statement (as well as what the school is looking for in the statement). Its pretty choppy right now and I may have to reword and fix some minor grammar issues but I just wanted to get some feedback. Thanks! Intro As I begin to pursue a career as a Family Nurse Practitioner, I reflect back on why I wanted to become a nurse in the first place. I didn't become a nurse because of a personal experience I had or because I have family members who are nurses; I became a nurse because I wanted to choose a career that allowed me the opportunity to make a positive impact on each and every person I came in contact with. I have come to realize that the career decision” that I made 5 years ago has now developed into a passion, and I have never once questioned this decision. Why MSN? From my days as a nursing student and nursing assistant, to my current role as an Emergency Department RN, there have been countless experiences that have led me to the decision to pursue my MSN. Not only have I been extremely successful in my academic achievements as a BSN, but I find myself compelled and motivated to dig deeper and continue to challenge myself academically. As I encounter many complex patient scenarios, I find that I am becoming more and more prepared to learn how to manage the complete care of these patients. I have had the opportunity to work along side with many exceptional doctors, physician's assistants and nurse practitioners, all whom assume a unique approach to managing the care of patients. The role of the nurse practitioner immediately stood out to me amongst these providers, as I am drawn to the patient-centered and holistic approach that many nurse practitioners display when caring for patients. As a mastered prepared nurse, not only would I be able to incorporate teaching, compassion and the critical thinking skills that I have learned as an RN, but would be able to diagnose and treat patients and families. This amalgamation is what drives me to pursue a career as an advanced practice nurse. WHY FNP track? I began my nurse career on a cardiac progressive care unit, strictly caring for the adult population. I enjoyed the work that I did and became intrigued with learning the pathophysiology behind many health problems. I also found myself becoming very passionate about incorporating the family into patient plan of care, as every day I had the opportunity to empower others to take control in the prevention and management of their health problems. As I continued my career, I made the decision to become an RN in the Emergency Department, where I have been allowed the unique opportunity to care not only for the adult population, but the pediatric, geriatric and antenatal populations as well. I've witnessed births, deaths, joy, and sorrow, and have cared for patients across the health care spectrum, from the critically ill trauma patients to those with minor illnesses and injuries. I have not developed a love of one particular specialty, but have found myself truly enjoying caring for people of all ages, both mentally and physically. It is through these experiences I have made the decision to pursue a career as a family nurse practitioner. Role of FNP As more and more people become insured, there is an increasing demand for advanced practice nurses and mid-level providers. Many of these newly insured patients entering the health care system lack preventative care and screenings, and are experiencing multiple comorbidities and chronic diseases with little to no education on health maintenance or disease prevention. The role of the MSN-FNP can facilitate the process of creating a healthy community, focused on disease prevention and education, as well as health promotion. The mastered prepared FNP not only has the advantage of having gained professional experience caring for patients as an RN, but has received extensive education on the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of patients across the lifespan. Working along side with many FNP's and advanced practice nurses has made their role very clear to me. Lifestyle modifications I have chosen to pursue EKU's family nurse practitioner program not only because of its reputation for providing top quality education, but because of its commitment to preparing advanced practice nurses to impact individual patients as well as communities as a whole. I believe that past behavior is the best predictor of future performance, which is why I have chosen to pursue an educational institution that has produced students that achieve 100% pass rate on certifying exams. I also believe that my successful completion of an online-based BSN completion program demonstrated my ability to continue to be successful in an online-based masters program. The decision to continue my education has not been taken lightly, and I have been fortunate enough to have the flexibility and support from my family and employer to collaborate with me on this adventure. After extensive research on many MSN programs, I believe that the supportive educational environment that EKU provides will also facilitate my ultimate goal of becoming a family nurse practitioner.
  15. jnf7882

    resus room chart

    We use trauma flow sheets for or level 1and 2 traumas and obviously code sheets for our cardiac arrests . The trauma flow sheet pretty much documents everything done as well as our assessment on a carbon copy paper. We also have conscious sedation flow sheets
  16. jnf7882

    Which job to choose?!

    Adult Geriatric Acute Care or FNP