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  1. HospiceRN2B

    Tidewater Community College 2013-2014 Nursing

    Dansko are awesome nursing shoes, they are expensive but very comfortable.
  2. HospiceRN2B

    Advice for getting a CNA before nursing school

    Well I am a CNA, and a MA and I am currently in school to become a nurse. It is a good idea to become a CNA first but in all honestly I would not do it unless it is required in your city or state. It has been really useful for me but CNA is just the basic nursing knowledge such as vitals, performing ADL care and setting yourself up to learn to be patient and compassionate in order to succeed in nursing. It is all up to you but if you are going to take the time to do CNA then start nursing school I would go forward straight to nursing school!
  3. HospiceRN2B

    JTCC Nursing 2013

    Hello I am currently a student at JTCC and I was wondering is anyone applying in Aug 2013? If so what is your curricular gpa? I am super nervous but I am very patient and believing for the BEST!
  4. HospiceRN2B

    JTCC Fall 2012 Acceptance

    Hello Did you get in? What is your gpa?

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