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  1. andersjoh52

    Is Excelsior RN Program a good program??

    So to anyone who can answer, what are the exams like for every subject/content matter, and if your a grad of the program, most importantly how did you prepare for each of these Exams?
  2. andersjoh52

    Is Excelsior RN Program a good program??

    I guess the reason why im looking harder into excelsior is because of the convienence and cost....you cant beat it. Although like you said, it does kind of suck that i'll be recognized as an RN in NYS, but if I were to travel out to California just on vacation or something, I technically under California law am not a RN But, luckily for me, I have zero desire to live or travel to any of those states that don't accept Excelsior, so I guess it could be a fit for me if I choose Excelsior
  3. Hello, I am finishining up my last semester of schooling in the Respiratory Care program, and I am also a EMT (my job that im currently in and have been doing for over 14 years). One of my major long term goals however always has been to be a CRNA. 2 years ago, I choose Respiratory over Nursing because of two reasons: #1 was the affordable schools in my area had long wait lists (1 year to 2 years) regardless of high grades, and the RC program didnt have one, and #2...I thought Respiratory would give me a nice "foundation" into CRNA school and also look good on an application. The plan that I had was 1 of 2 options: Plan A: I already hold a bachelors degree in Psychology, so I was looking at accelerated BSN programs Plan B: Excelsior RN.....This is the plan I am leaning towards because it is BY FAR the most cost effective, cheapest, most convienient. My state (New York), where Excelsior is located accepts Excelsior obviously, and I just wanted to know if anyone thought this was a good program? I am most concerned about the CPNE exam because i've heard horror stories about that. I am also concerned about the lack of clinicals? How much of a difference does this make if you get hired at a hospital from the moment of orientation to actually working on the floor?