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  1. Nursing Home Compare

    While browsing today I found an interesting site. It is the medicare/medicaid site and contains alot of info. What especially peaked my interest was the section "Nursing Home Compare" where you can enter a zip code and compare facility info, includin...
  2. Some tips needed!

    I've recently taken a position that I believe will eventually qualify me to be eligble for my CCM (Certified Case Manager). I've been interested in this for some time & would like to hear from others in this field- I know it is a widely varied fi...
  3. I'm not really clear if you are the interviewer or applicant. I recently interviewed for several positions. The questions I asked that helped me decide which job I took were "What are the greatest joys and frustrations of this position?" and "About w...
  4. Nurses caring for Nurses(PLEASE REPLY)

    Love the 'pay it forward' lindaisanurse! Have to keep that instruction in mind as I live this life. Thanxs-
  5. severe itching

    I also have bouts of severe itching. It wakes me up in the middle of the night, sometimes every night for a couple of weeks, sometimes once or twice in a month. During the day I get it a couple times, often accompanied by a rash. I have tried benadry...
  6. A code of a different color....

    Boy oh boy! When I started in rehab we hung blood about once every 2 years! Now it's common. We get quite a few patients go bad in less than 12 hours on the floor. One of the most difficult aspects of the high acuity level is that you have some reall...
  7. Catching Hell

    Aw, come on guys. The same thing happens to a Wal-Mart cashier and everyone else that has contact with the general public! Stop the angry pity-party. Yup, I'm an RN that deals with folks like those mentioned above and my fantasy dream job is to be a ...
  8. Why Does Nursing Eat Its Young?

    Garry- I'm repyling to your post(which was posted awhile back) and am surprised no one has responded! I'm refering to event #2 where a patient had thrown a chair down the hall the night before. In the AM the charge nurse told your student she would n...
  9. other rehab nurses who want to communicate

    Hello Vanessa! I'm a CRRN that has worked on an acute rehab unit as an RN for 5 years. I've also worked Per Diem this year at a sub-acute facility, to see what that is like. If the unit you are considering is acute, there is still the hospital "hustl...