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  1. Just got accepted and am so so excited !! Anyone else out there?
  2. I just received my letter of acceptance last week so I can at least give you some insight into admissions I had a 2.75 undergrad GPA in a double major of Biology and History-wayy below their suggested GPA but it did come from a respected liberal arts college at least. Have spent the past year working as a CNA at Mass General Hospital and was able to gain several strong recommendations there. Prereq grades were Microbio: C, AP I: B, AP II: A, Statistics: A. I honestly think what made the biggest difference in my application was my interview and recommendations. UNH seemed to recognize that although I was not the strongest candidate on paper with a poor GPA, that this program was what I REALLY wanted and my past performance did not necessarily reflect who I am today. My advice to anyone applying: ace the interview, have strong recommendations, and a good personal statement because UNH seems to take into account who you are in person just as much as the pure grades. In the interview also they hammered home the point that the program is very very writing intensive so the more you prove your writing skills in the statement the better. Hope this helps in terms of admissions!
  3. bella90

    UNH DEMN Jan 2014?

    I did!! and was accepted!! :) couldn't be happier. Did you apply as well?
  4. bella90

    UNH DEMN Jan 2014?

    Has anyone heard back for the Jan 2014 cohort of the UNH direct entry masters program? Waiting anxiously!! gahhh