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  1. Should I try HD?

    I have been looking at switching specialties from critical care to dialysis. What do you all find are the advantages/disadvantages? I am CRRT certified from critical care. I am interested in either clinic or acute care.
  2. Specialty Poll for male nurses

    I've done a little bit of everything: Med Surg, CVICU, CVOR, Cath Lab, and Quality and Risk Management. Currently a Clinical Coordinator on a Cardiac Telemetry unit.
  3. Riddle me this Batman?

    Probably costs even less in Mexico. If they can charge it and you pay it then they will continue to gouge you. Not just drugs though..I still want to know why I have to pay $35.00 for ten disposable razor blades when they make them for literally pen...
  4. Problems with nursing profession and why I want to quit

    The great thing about that nursing degree is it opens other opportunities if you want. If you are fed up with bedside care then use your clinical knowledge in other areas in healthcare such as quality, case management, risk management, informatics, ...
  5. Hiring Mgr: We will let you know in 2 weeks

    I would continue to look for other positions if you want. Keep your options open. There is nothing wrong about continuing your search while they are continuing theirs.
  6. CCRN-K

    Has anyone taken the CCRN-K exam? I've been a nurse manager in cardiac telemetry and CVICU for the last 5 years but before that was a bedside nurse in CV for over 12 years. I feel the urge to get the certification. Any thoughts from anyone who has t...
  7. What is your opinion on calling in "sick"

    You need to find a new job. Life is too short to put yourself through torture every day you work. I have been there myself and left positions that became too stressful. Nothing is worth compromising your physical and mental health. I bet the momen...
  8. Cath Lab

    I was a circulating RN in a CVOR for over two years and pulling up to 25 days a month on call. Then I went to the Cath Lab and pulled about 12 days a month and I thought I was in heaven! I now work in Quality/Risk Management for the last three years...
  9. Is anyone else's ICU more like LTAC?

    I think one of the issues that we need to discuss is how the physicians discuss the care of these patients with the families. There are times when the most dignified care these patients could receive is to allow nature to take it's course. I don't ...
  10. Emergency Titration Protocol ?

    Our hospital got called out by The Joint Commission before and accused us of "practicing medicine" (they like to use that term) when our electrolyte protocols weren't "tight" enough. They didn't like that our protocol allowed us to continue to repla...
  11. Open Heart Education

    We received a binder, about 8 hours of class, and 5 cases with a preceptor. I remember my first case alone was a take back with a bleed! Gotta love open hearts!
  12. Could anyone help me better understand this code ?

    First question I have is whether the patient is stable or not. Patients with wide complexes can be stable. If patient is unstable and complex wide then CPR then defib. The AICD may be set to trigger at higher rates then just 112 regardless of the ...
  13. Quality Improvement Specialist (Nurse)

    Thank you for the information. I am looking into crossing over into Quality after being in patient care for 20 years. Any advice of making this a smooth transition would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Opinions about Paragon

    Our hospital has just begun using Paragon. Any feedback or advice on this system would be greatly appreciated. Overall it's better then the hodgepodge of programs that we used before and it's nice to be more integrated. The physicians are having a...
  15. CVP & PEEP Relationship - help!

    I've been told by Intensivists that any PEEP over 5 will artificially give CVP readings on a one to one ratio. Example--PEEP of 8 will artificially raise the CVP 3 points. I've always been told to keep that in mind when accessing volume requirement...