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  1. OHnurse1977

    Medicaid homecare waiver nurse

    My client's new case manger said that nurses are no longer allowed to work more than 12 hours a day for a waiver program. I'm not talking independent providers. I am speaking directly of a LPN or RN working for a nursing agency. Has as anyone else heard this?
  2. OHnurse1977

    Cleveland Clinic Children's

    I have worked there before. I worked in Pediatric Cardiology/PICU. I have always been a pediatric nurse but this was my worst job. I will never go back to CCF. Try, Rainbow, Akron Childrens or Metro if you want to do Peds.
  3. OHnurse1977


    There were two girls that had a reputation of cheating when I was in nursing school. They would whisper to each other in German. Both made it into the nursing honor society and then our last class, the first class that I ever had with them, they were cheating. I took German in high school. I called them out publicly and then after I called them out, several other students agreed with me. The teacher flunked them only for that test, they still past the class and graduated. I wish someone spoke up sooner, maybe they wouldn't be working in the same hospital as me now. I would say something.

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