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Lasanga123 has 5 years experience and specializes in ER.

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  1. Lasanga123

    Where to go after ER nursing

    I've been in ER for 3 years and the burnout is insane. I'm sick of the verbal and physical abuse and the constantly working short and having the most unsafe assignments ever (intubated pts with 4 other patients etc). I'm so burnt out its affecting my mental health pretty bad. I really want to leave but I have no idea where to go. I am not interested in ICU whatsoever and I have a morgage so I cant afford to go back to school for my masters right now. I'm so lost on what to do its causing me really bad anxiety. If anyone has any ideas that would be greatly appreciated :)
  2. Lasanga123

    Lost on where to nurse next

    The most important thing for me is saving my back. Patient appreciation would be nice but it's not the be all and end all. I just want to be in best health i can be so I can deliver the best care. Not to mention the bullying from management that happens with increased sicktime
  3. Lasanga123

    Lost on where to nurse next

    Hello all So I've been an RN for 4 years I worked 2 years on a cardiac ward, then left for ER because i wanted higher acuity and to be part of the action. After working in Emergency for two years I can pretty much say i hate it. Not to mention i have a bad back/neck from a bad car accident, the standing non stop for 12 hours really takes a toll on my body. I really want to leave Emergency but I have no idea where to go ? What I hate most about ER is the lack of appreciation and respect from people, the drug seekers, drunks and violent psych pts and how there are such high expectations with little room for error. I know the general population cannot make life choices for me, but I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what different routes I could try?
  4. Lasanga123

    To go back to casual or not

    I've been nursing a little over a year and I got a full time line pretty early on in my career. I know I "should" feel grateful but honestly all I want is to go back to casual. I made more money as casual and I got to pick all day shifts which suited my body alot better. I find doing two days two nights really messes up my body and mind. I also want to spend the next five years of my life travelling which is pretty impossible with the vacation time I get in my line since im low senority. Is it bad that I want to go back to casual? Any suggestions? I'm also worried my manager won't let me go back to casual but I don't know if that's possible ?
  5. Hello So lately I have been swapping all my day shifts for nights (for various reasons, I am a newer nurse and I find nights less stressful, I don't feel as tired etc etc). I love working out it keeps me in shape and relieves a lot of stress I have. I have been going to the gym right after my night shifts, and although it works out okay, I can never sleep afterwards, I feel extremely tired on my days off and lately my mood has been horrible. I just can't stop crying and feel so down. My questions are 1) when is a good time to work out with night shifts? Would it be better to come home, sleep for 6 hours and then go to the gym, shower and then go back to work for another night 2) is it possible that working all these night shifts is making me feel really depressed and fatigued all the time?
  6. Lasanga123

    N-clex in Vancouver

    Hi I was wondering if anyone knew were to write the N-clex in Vancouver,BC. Some people recommend doing it close to the time one takes the CRNE exam? Any ideas/suggestions on this? I know the exams are completely different though.