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  1. skorupar

    Destined to Be a Flight Nurse

    Thank you for the feedback and spelling correction. I am going to continue with my manager's suggestions because I know that they are trying to help me succeed.
  2. skorupar

    Destined to Be a Flight Nurse

    Thank you for your feedback. I do know that this is a lifelong goal and that I have a lot of knowledge and experience to gain. I am aware that it may take me 10 years to get there. This is a new journey for me and it seems that I am on the right path so I will keep moving forward.
  3. skorupar

    Destined to Be a Flight Nurse

    About eight months ago, I decided that I would like to be a flight nurse. I currently have a BSN and am BLS, ACLS and PALS certified. I was a CNA for 10 yrs and have been an RN for almost six yrs in April. I worked at an LTACH for four yrs, brain injury/general rehab for one yr, and just got my foot in the door in MS/Neuro ICU in October 2018. I had an extended orientation in the ICU because I needed to improve my prioritization and time management skills. With three weeks left in the said "extended orientation," my manager and supervisor decided that I should transfer to a Med Surge/Progressive Care unit to work on the aforementioned skills and then see if I would like to rejoin the ICU team (~6 months). With that said, I respect their professional feedback, but feel like if I would have had the opportunity to complete the remaining orientation, I would have improved those skills. My preceptors had told me they could see the improvement since I started orientation. A few also told me that it took a long time for them to build a routine. So, I will interview for a position on the progressive care unit, which I shadowed. But, with wanting to be a flight nurse, I know I have a lot of work ahead of me and have many questions on which route I should pursue. I need critical care experience and am wondering if I should apply for an ED position or a different ICU position at another facility? I know that different FFL companies require different certifications and having them increases your chance of qualifying for a position; so, should I try to complete some of them now (e.g., Paramedic)? Should I go back to school for my MSN? If so, which program? Is there one that is geared towards flight nursing? I do not know what I should do or where I should start with so much ahead of me. Any feedback or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated.