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  1. zuniadri

    Trying to test for NCLEX after 5 years in Illinois

    I hope so too. Thanks so much! I'm ready to work as a nurse already!
  2. zuniadri

    Trying to test for NCLEX after 5 years in Illinois

    Thanks Londonflo. I did receive a diploma, but I never filled out any forms of any kind. I never applied to test and never finger printed either. In the month of July of 2020 I reached out to the school through email telling them that I was going to complete VATI and send them proof of the VATI Green Light. They sent me an attachment with instructions to how to register through Continental and where to get finger printed. Once I completed everything they said to send proof of everything via certified mail and that they would send my ED-NUR form in to the state boards. I am assuming since I never applied and my school never released my ED-NUR I should be fine no?
  3. zuniadri

    Trying to test for NCLEX after 5 years in Illinois

    Hi Londonflo, VATI is Virtual ATI. It's a 12 week program that assesses and remediates students to prepare them for the NCLEX. You have to complete a series of exit exams. One exit exam for every specialty including a 180 question mock NCLEX exam. To my understanding, based on the 180 question mock exam the program gives you a probability pass rate on your NCLEX licensure exam. For my specific program I must obtain a 93% pass rate to obtain the greenlight making me eligible to take the NCLEX. Due to personal reasons I never completed VATI and my school never released me. I never got the ED-NUR and I never applied through Continental to sit for the NCLEX. From what I've read on the IL General Assembly is that once I have applied to test through the IL Nursing Board, I have 3 years to take and pass the RN licensure exam. I need better insight to my situation.
  4. I am from Illinois and graduated December of 2015. My school never released my ED-NUR and I never applied to test. I have to get a greenlight on VATI before they can send off the ED-NUR making me eligible to apply for the NCLEX. I am finally almost done with VATI. Will there be a problem with my application or will the board not allow me to sit for the NCLEX?