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  1. kismet30

    Nclex RN results October 2014

    OK..good luck to u!
  2. kismet30

    NCLEX pearson vue trick

    Did u get anything yet? I am waiting still for my name to show up on breeze, its been 10 days since I took it.
  3. kismet30

    Oct 1, 2014 NCLEX

    Did u pass? Did the PVT work?
  4. kismet30

    Nclex Trick

    Ur not going to try the trick? If u click submit and get good pop up most likely u passed. If it takes ur 200 dollars then most likely u failed either way u have to pay to retake it if u failed.
  5. kismet30

    Pearson vue trick

    Did u pass? Did the Pearson vue trick work? TIA.
  6. kismet30

    Anxious-did I pass?

    When did u take the nclex and how long did u wait for it to show up on breeze? How long did ur classmates wait as well? TIA.
  7. kismet30

    pearson vue trick

    U have to put in ur cc number and hit submit if it takes u to receipt then most likely u failed. If u get red triangle that says our records indicate that u have recently scheduled..blah blah..then it is supposed to mean u passed. Let us know how this worms out for u!
  8. kismet30

    Failed nclex 2 times

    I am sorry to hear that. Good luck to u in ur future studies. If I may ask, did u try the Pearson vue trick? How long did u wait to hear the official notice and what state r u from? Thank u
  9. kismet30

    Pearson Vue Trick 2014

    How long before u knew u passed? Did u check breeze or just wait for your official letter. I think u said 25 days in another post is how long it took for u. Do u know how long it took for others in Ur class to find out as well. TIA.
  10. kismet30

    Nclex RN results October 2014

    Pls let us know if u passed. I'm in the same situation u are. Let us know if the Pearson vue trick worked for you as well. Thank you. I have been waiting g 10 days w good PVT pop up. Check breeze daily.
  11. kismet30

    Anxious-did I pass?

    I took mine sept 24 and have been waiting since. Good pvt pop day everyday however I am still a nervous wreck! Check breeze as well daily. Called the brn and they said that my file was not complete, they r waiting on the evaluator to review my official transcript and then they can release my info. Dunno what to believe anymore.
  12. kismet30

    Got good pop up but still nervous

    Pls let us know if u passed! I've been waiting 10 days ready w good pop up each day. I need to know the pvt works!
  13. kismet30

    Pearson Vue Trick 2014

    fruitloops1972 , Mandy, GN did u guys pass? Pls update! TIA!
  14. kismet30

    Pearson Vue Trick 2014

    did you pass? and if so, how long did it take to post on breeze? thx
  15. yah..good pop up everyday since I took it. its been 9 days of anxiety already.
  16. thx for replying..did you try the pvt and did it work for you? do you know if your classmates got their license around the same timeline as you did? thank you.

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