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  1. Hi, I am a new nurse. I didn't work as a nursing assistant and haven't really had a job anywhere. Would it be better for an inexperienced nurse to start off in a nursing home or hospital? Also, which place would be less stressful? Any other advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  2. mangosoccer11

    New Nurse; No experience; Help

    Hi, Thank you everyone for the advice. I really appreciate it. I am looking into doing some mindfulness classes and going to a psychiatrist for my depression. I believe your right that I need to increase my knowledge about nursing. I will take your advice and start reading over a few nursing books.
  3. mangosoccer11

    New Nurse; No experience; Help

    Hi, I am a new RN nurse. I passed my NCLEX 4 months ago. I dont have any background as a nursing assistant. I hardly remember anything from nursing school. I barely passed nursing school. I dont feel like I have the skills or knowledge to be a nurse. Where do you think I should apply? Nursing homes, hospitals, clinics? I am scared to work at a nursing home because they don't give any orientation. Hospitals may give longer orientation but the job may be more chaotic. I really don't want to hurt anyone or get my license revoked. Oh, and on top of all of this, I am struggling with mental health issues; i.e. anxiety and depression. If you have any input, please help. Thank you.
  4. Hi, I have been doing a lot of research on both Saint Scholastica and University of Minnesota-Mankato's RN-BSN programs. I have been accepted into both programs. Saint Scholastica is a private school and Mankato is public. I'm not sure which school to choose. I was hoping someone would have some insight into each program or have a guess on which school would be easier? Thank you for your help,
  5. mangosoccer11

    New Grad Residency Programs: What is it?

    Hi, I have been suggested by other members of allnurses.com to look into a New Grad Residency Program because I am a new Registered Nurse with hardly any medical experience (I haven't worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant). I also do not feel confident in my abilities. Can anyone explain what a New Grad Residency Program is? And can anyone suggest where I should look for these programs? Do most hospitals have a New Grad Residency Program? I have a few student nurse friends that have told me to "bite the bullet" and get a job at a nursing home, but I'm afraid if I work at a nursing home, they will throw me to the wolves (AKA no orientation and they throw me out to work on the floor). Any advice is appreciated. Thank you,
  6. mangosoccer11

    So I passed NCLEX, does that mean I'm ready to be a nurse?

    Hi, Thank you everyone for your responses. I will for sure look into a new grad residency program. Hopefully, I can find something like this in my area in Minnesota. Thank you,
  7. Hi, I graduated nursing school a few months ago and just recently passed NCLEX. Does passing NCLEX mean I'll be a safe nurse? I feel like I am still not prepared to be a nurse. I talk to some of my smart nursing friends and they always remember certain things from class a year ago- I do not remember a lot from nursing school. Like for example, I went out to dinner with my nursing friends and I said that during clinicals, I saw someone put lotion in between a patients' toes. And they all looked at me shocked and said that lotion should never be put in between toes!! And I looked at them with a deer in the headlights sort of look because I just don't remember learning about that... I was thinking about taking a few months to look over my class notes before I get a nursing job... I just don't feel like I will be safe as a nurse. Any input is appreciated. Thank you
  8. mangosoccer11

    Saint Scholastic RN-BSN program

    Hi- Has anyone heard about the RN to BSN program at Saint Scholastica? Just wondering about how the program is... I've heard that it is a ton of writing papers, and it is really quickly paced. Would love to hear advice if you've heard anything or have gone there. Thank you
  9. mangosoccer11

    New RN Grad- need job advice

    Hi CryssieD, thank you for your response. I think my anxiety stems from both nursing-job-related (because I'm a new grad) and also, have an on-going problem with anxiety. You're right, I should try some meditation classes in my area... People keep on telling me to do that, I really should. My nursing friend who started at a nursing home, received one week of orientation. My other friend who works at a TCU also had one week of orientation. Now that you mention it, I will look for jobs that have a long orientation. It's really hard too because my program didn't offer a preceptorship. Would you recommend me working at a nursing home or a hospital? I dont have my BSN yet, my instructors engrained into our head that we would have no chance at finding a hospital job. Thank you again.
  10. mangosoccer11

    New RN Grad- need job advice

    Hi Postpartum RN, thank you for your reply. My nursing friend works at a nursing home now and says that its not too stressful because she says that she gets to know the patients pretty well... But then, at the same time, she tells me that she is always sweating because she is always running around and she never gets to sit down.. I'm hoping Medsurg wont be so bad.... I talked to another nurse the other day and said to her "I just wish that there was an RN job that wasn't so stressful." She laughed and said, "You chose the wrong profession." Thank you for your advice, I really appreciate it.. I need all the help I can get!
  11. mangosoccer11

    New RN Grad- need job advice

    Thank you NurseMischa for your reply. I agree with you that with any job, there will be good days and bad days. I was thinking about working at a nursing home until a nursing friend said "No way!! That would be way too stressful, and you'd be running all over the place." But then again, I can see how it wouldn't be stressful because at least, you get to know the patients pretty well and know what to expect...
  12. mangosoccer11

    Help!: Advice on coping with an online-only program. RN to BSN.

    Hi helloramen, I am not in an online course. I hope it ended up okay for you. Do you like Saint Scholasticas program? I was thinking about applying...
  13. mangosoccer11

    Advice for good RN to BSN program

    Hi, I am also looking for an RN to BSN program currently for this spring semester. I'm pretty sure Augsburg has weekend/night classes if that's what you want. Completion is 1.5-2 years. Augsburg also has some masters/doctorate programs for progression. I applied to Bethel's nursing ADN program a few years ago- the whole process was sloppy so I'm staying away from Bethel. I'm currently looking at Saint Scholastica, Winona, Moorhead, and Mankato. Saint Scholastica is supposed to be 9 months long although it sounds like there is a lot of writing. Winona State is 2 semesters long. Metro State is another school you could consider... A lot of nurses around here go to Metro State... Although it could take up to 3 years to complete. Most of my nursing student friends applied to Moorhead... I'm kind've leaning towards Saint Scholastica because I would love to get it over with in 9 months...
  14. Have you decided which college you will go to?
  15. mangosoccer11

    New RN Grad- need job advice

    Hi, I am a new RN grad. I do not have my BSN. I am having a hard time figuring out where to apply for jobs. I have really really bad anxiety so I was hoping to find a job that wasn't too stressful. Any advice for a new grad nurse about where to work that is not stressful? Thank you,