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  1. I am actually curious: what is the objection to wearing a mask in public? As a general rule, we do things or don't do things all the time that are in the interest of public health and safety. Granted, covid-19 is a novel virus and our understandi...
  2. Simonesays

    HELP PLEASE!! ER Nurse with Newborn at Home/COVID 19

    Firstly, CONGRATS on your new baby boy! You are amazing for being pregnant and giving birth during this pandemic. I can't imagine how stressful that must have been. I agree with the other posters that have said to take the extra time with your bab...
  3. Simonesays

    Nurse Bullying. Have you experienced it?

    You might have experienced "bullying" if you made a post on AN with a title such as, "Fired for a mistake that wasn't my fault" or "I'm brand new and I know more than my preceptor" or "The ICU is so boring for a new grad." Just joking, just joking! ...
  4. Simonesays

    "Safe Injection Houses"- What's This?

    Yes yes yes! Well said! Another benefit to these types of safe injection sites are that they enable health care professionals to interact with marginalized populations that can be notoriously difficult to reach. Relationships are formed and tru...
  5. Simonesays

    How confident are you with reading tele

    You might be beyond this site (in terms of your EKG skills) but it's kind of fun: Free ECG Simulator! - SkillSTAT
  6. Simonesays

    Fired Due to Not Being Able to Get to Work

    Good lord! Some of this advice seems a little bit unsafe. Please don't walk 15 miles in a snow-storm to get to a job paying you less than minimum wage. That being said, as others mentioned, you could have tried to work with your employer to come u...
  7. Simonesays

    Getting yelled at by a doctor for the first time....

    As others have said, you didn't do anything wrong. Yes- you could have kept the doc in the loop a bit more by letting him know his colleague would take care of the script for discharge but since you thought they were working together, and were commu...
  8. Simonesays

    Male Nurse Disgusted by Female Nurses

    I don't disagree with the premise that nursing staffing ratios are unsafe in many institutions within the US. A united voice begets power and can effect positive change (go unions!). However, the OP didn't phrase his concerns in this manner. Inste...
  9. Simonesays

    Residency: When Your Patient's Wife is a Nurse

    Like you said, these family members are stressed out from seeing their loved ones suffering and want to exert control within situations in which they have little control. Knowing this, however, doesn't necessarily make it any easier on the staff tr...
  10. Simonesays

    Health Care is Not a Right

    In Canada, almost everyone pays for health care. It is a shared expense that is paid on a sliding scale. Those who have more pay more. Some employers cover this expense, but not all. And some people who fall below a certain income level/certain p...
  11. Simonesays

    Mom suing nurse after suffocation accident

    I enjoyed reading your comments in this thread. I am also originally from a socialist country with a universal health care system. When you live and work in this type of setting, it is easy to take for granted the safety net that exists and forget ...
  12. Simonesays

    Want to swap to ICU but I cry during codes

    It sounds like you've made up your mind to move pursue ICU nursing. I have to admit, I am still really intrigued by critical care and would love to one day pursue that type of nursing. Just like others have said, the more you are exposed to someth...
  13. Simonesays

    Nightshift -days off

    Ugh. I relate to these posts! I wrote something longer but accidentally deleted it (post night-shift brain fog) but it didn't really say anything different than what others have said. Make sure you are eating well, exercising, and taking care of you...
  14. Simonesays

    Feel like a horrible nurse!

    Agree with what everyone else has said! Definitely don't beat yourself up! It looks like you were closely monitoring the patient and reading the MD notes to help guide your critical thinking/practice. One thing I will say is this: when there are ...
  15. Simonesays

    Increasing Press Gainey Scores

    Appropriate nurse to patient ratios, adequate support staff/resources/equipment, smooth/clear communication amongst all coworkers, and ample financial reimbursement for nurses. (Because employers know that a happy nurse means happy patients!) Oh! ...