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  1. Kimcan38

    Working with residents who have C.diff.

    We just recently had a resident with c diff as well. We were taking care of her for several days like we normally do until we found out. They then placed her in isolation and we had to wear the whole gear to clean her and feed her and we all seem to be fine. My heart hurts for her to be away from everyone. I did read that cdiff may not show up for months and u may not have any symptoms for awhile, but so far we are all ok! She is now out of isolation and is doing wonderful except her eating has gone downhill:(
  2. Kimcan38

    Cna scrub crazy!

    Another thing.. If I have a resident needing meds for a mood.. I go directly to the charge nurse and it is handled. Never had any problems with them getting meds they need. Do not have to document moods.. Our nurses are awesome!
  3. Kimcan38

    Cna scrub crazy!

    Totally get that it's a must to have everything documented, but I have heard of easier ways documenting on computers.. Not an annoying ear piece that takes time away from the patients.. As far as a being professional .. I agree as well and I know once I become an LVN the scrubs will change to one color, but for now.. I can wear colorful fun scrubs that the residents enjoy too:)
  4. Kimcan38

    The resident with no family.

    Aww I did the same thing! I brought a resident some of my clothes because all she had was pajamas! I've also brought a lady tacos and another fried chicken lol I may cannot do for all of them, but I at least give them my time:) I think you are super kind hearted and it's not inappropriate to help anyone! We do good deeds not to be recognized or judged by others.. It shows your true character and the good Lord loves u for it so keep on popping tags at the garage sales all u want:)
  5. Kimcan38

    Do you get a lot of call ins

    Ha! We have call ins almost everyday! Yesterday we had 3 which meant only 2 aides per station and there are 2 in our nursing home with 80 residents... Ughhh I know how u feel.. I have 2 days off a week and still get called in from time to time because of call ins! Ridiculous! A lot of it I'm sure is because CNA jobs are not hard to find so if they lose that one they can just move to another!
  6. Kimcan38

    Cna scrub crazy!

    I am currently working for a nursing home waiting to take my CNA exam! I love love love my job however it is very stressful at times. Accunurse I would like to throw in the toilet, and all the demands put on us is cray cray! My latest obsession is scrubs. My closet is full already and I've only worked since January lol I feel that working with elderly people u should be able to wear whatever color scrubs you want.. Why does it have to be so professional? Bright happy colors make me feel bright and happy which sets the mood for the day with the sweet residents, but I absolutely despiseeeee Accunurse!!!! Documenting is NOT resident friendly!! Anyone else want to chunk the lady saying a resident has 15 things to document??? Seriously?? I'm starting LVN in January and I am super excited!! Want to start low key then move to a busy emergency room!