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  1. Well, I suppose the rest of the nursing community should follow suit then. I don't see any issue with it. The new community health program was launched in coalition with the LGB*Q community. The fertilized egg becomes an embryo and that embryo then...
  2. Social justice. Social Justice. Social Justice. The volunteering and CNA work won't earn you much if you can't connect it to working with underserved populations. They want to know your experience working with underserved populations, why you want to...
  3. Seattle University APNI 2015

    Not an APNI applicant but a traditional one. Got accepted without having to do to an interview. Guess I'll be seeing you guys in the fall!:)
  4. UW DNP program

    Rejected. Oh well, still waiting to hear from other schools.
  5. UW DNP program

    Do you know how many people applied for the FNP track this year? I know last year was about 70-80 and they accepted around 20-25.
  6. UW DNP program

    Eric, I'm terribly sorry. I hope you receive better news in the future. Are you in Seattle? I live near Seattle but haven't heard anything yet. Maybe tomorrow. I don't know if acceptance has much to do with RN experience. I'm also in the same boat a...
  7. University of Washington DNP applicants

    I think they aim to make the wait as slow and painful as possible.
  8. Seattle University Transfer BSN

    I was accepted into the transfer program 2 years ago and received my letter on March 28th. It came in a big yellow envelope. If they are consistent with their mailing dates then it seems you guys may have probably two more weeks until you hear of the...
  9. MSN vs DNP

    Only those who were in the previous 1.0 curriculum can get a Masters in Passing. Those who are in the new 2.0 curriculum no longer have that option anymore.
  10. Seattle University APNI 2015

    I have also applied for this program as well but for the FNP track. IIRC, they said the amount of applicants they receive is nowhere near the amount for APNI but I can't remember the total number of applicants they typically receive. They said for th...
  11. UW DNP program

    Took a look at the old threads. Past ones also said they would be getting notice as late as April but the notices were sent, at the earliest, by the second Thursday in March. Hopefully we should be hearing back in a little over 2 weeks or so.
  12. Extremely Overweight Nurses

    I came into the hospital once with a nasty concussion from a fall. Being the stubborn patient I was, I insisted I was fine and got out of bed. A second later, I fainted. The overweight nurse had thrown herself on the ground and cushioned my fall. She...
  13. NCLEX pass rates for WA State schools 2007-2011
  14. Seattle University BSN (transfer) Fall 2013

    My acceptance letter said my acceptance was provisional upon completing Microbiology even though I had all my prereqs completed long before I applied (and within the allotted time frame). Then the program evaluation sheet they sent me contradicts the...
  15. Seattle University BSN (transfer) Fall 2013

    Yay! Congrats! Does anyone know how many transfers they will accept?