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  1. marlenepinheiro

    Portuguese nurse , BON wont send documents.

    UPDATE: This afternoon I called the central services of Ordem dos Enfermeiros and asked to speak with "gabinete de relações internacionais" something they've created to deal with all the immigration of portuguese nurses. They were very helpful and were very interested in my situation, immigration to the USA is something new for them and they don't really know how to deal with it, most of the immigration is to europe. So as requested by them, I will send the email explaining all the situation and they will present it to the directors and hopefully sort it. They just can't stop the nurses from work somewhere else. I hope this is useful, their email is gri@ordemenfermeiros.pt
  2. marlenepinheiro

    Portuguese nurse , BON wont send documents.

    Hi. I'm a portuguese nurse applying to Florida BON, and in the process of obtaining a CES report from CGFNS. I contacted the famous "Ordem dos Enfermeiros" (sul) that told me that they won't complete any form from CGFNS, they will only provide a declaration (in portuguese) that they can send themselves to CGFNS saying that I am a member. I told them that all the documents need to be in english, so they said that they only provide the declaration in portuguese and that I need to translate it and send it myself because they won't do it. I was expecting to have this problem already according to the previous comments, so I'd like some advice how can I have this situation sorted with the Ordem, please...